Carley Varley “Dirty Laundry”

UK-based artist Carley Varley talks about toxic relationships and not tolerating anyone’s baggage in her new single, ‘Dirty Laundry’.

Based in Dorset, United Kingdom, Carley Varley — her real name, indeed — is a solo artist musician who can play the ukulele, piano and guitar and loves nothing more than singing as she plays an instrument, as she is a vocalist before anything else. After some time of working on this passion of hers, Carley decided to start releasing her own music in 2019.

The decision to pursue music as a full time career instead of a hobby and passion can be said to happen thanks to the time she began busking in the streets of Lymington. During her time as a university student, Carley went to perform inside venues after she was heard and invited to different locations. Before she had realized, the solo artist had become a household name in the South of England. Following those events, Carley performed inside at Milford on Sea Music Festival, where she entered into the Venus Awards for the Musical Talent category and won in 2018.

Influenced by known names such as Taylor Swift, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Billie Eilish, Carley enjoys singing about love or friendships breaking up, but for this new single she took more inspiration from some rock bands she enjoys, mainly Linkin Park, Nickelback, We Are The Fallen and Evanescence. While the artist describes the song as a “very easy listening pop song” and it certainly has no rock influences, the main theme of the song and the singing does feel reminiscent of emotional moments from Evanescence and Linkin Park. 

Dirty Laundry is a completely new experience for Carley. Challenging herself to make a song like this for the very first time, she dared to write from the perspective of someone in a relationship. Rather than being about heartbreak, the lyrics emit a feeling of helplessness and disappointment over how the protagonist’s partner keeps failing to improve or appreciate all the chances they’ve been given. Instead of singing about the pain of rejection, Carley focused more on the sadness felt once you’ve realized the relationship cannot be saved.

With a song that provokes the listener into deep thinking, she talks about toxic relationships and the importance of knowing if you are happy with your relationships and the people you involve yourself with. Although it is quite a devastating realization, one’s own happiness and a better future will always be worth more than staying beside someone who does not contribute for your joy and emotional peace.

Carley Varley strongly believes in the idea that “comparison kills creativity” and that it is best to be yourself. As her own muse, canvas, and final painting, Carley keeps becoming more and more inspirational with every new track she releases, and being born ready to be recognized, her future can only keep getting brighter with every step she takes in the direction of her dreams.

If you enjoyed Carley Varley’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Apple Music, and Youtube channel.

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