“Gaslighting the End Times” by The Helters

It’s about time The Helters released a new single, a lot of alt/indie music fans from Bristol and beyond can breathe a collective sigh of relief that things are beginning to kick off again. Picking up where they left off when their “Afghani Super Smack” EP landed some time back when the opening track Salt achieved the “BBC Introducing” upload of the week accolade, their new single “Gaslighting the End Times” adds an angrier edge to their usual euphoric and hazy adrenalized sonic scapes…

So what’s the tune about?

“…is based on the relationship between a friend and their partner. It’s a bit close to home so I can’t go in to too much detail but they have a fiery relationship to say the least. The song was inspired by a particular argument they had. We had to present the song to our friend for his approval… don’t think he was over the moon about it…”

Listing bands like Gender Roles, Interpol and Pixies as influences I’m not saying they’re pushing the boat out too far but they sound like they’re having one hell of a time sailing it…!  

The Helters are: Mark Owen – Vocals, Davey Roberts – Guitar, Tobias Faulkner – More Guitar, Conor Dolan – Serious Bass, Charlie Last – Drums.

Bring on the gigs…

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