Hybrid Kid “Endless”

Today I’m glad to introduce a mellow song that’s for sure going to become a favourite for lazy Saturdays. A new single all acoustic music lovers should check out, together with the band!

The indie rock band Hybrid Kid is a three-headed group formed by enthusiastic and energy-bustling characters. There’s Danny playing the guitar and lending his singing voice to the project, Tim playing the bass and Fabio adding rhythm with his drums. Together, they create sound that is both unmistakably British-sounding and full of rocking great guitar playing, toetapping melodies and that flooding energy and wonderful laid-back vibes that really will leave no-one cold. Danny’s singing voice is epic and quite captivating in its own merit, and feels a bit like I’m listening to a new project by Damon Albarn.

Even when you’re not feeling like dancing, it’s such a joy listening to their music on headphones or a great pair of speakers – their sound is so deliciously layered and every part of it feels so right. Everything has space and sounds good on its own, but together they form absolute bliss of a sound. Such vibes, such textures. Might have found a new favourite indie rock band here!

The trio has quite a handful of singles and one LP out already, including singles Coming Round Again and 123 that have been featured previously. I’m here to talk about their newest release which dropped today.

The group’s new single sees a considerably gentler and more acoustic side of Hybrid Kid. Titled “Endless”, the gentle guitar pluck melody together with his vocals and heartfelt lyrics set up a soulful mood not unlike some psychedelic folk tune, with the difference being the slow rock instrumentals driven by long distorted electric guitar notes.

And when the chorus hits, it hits good! All those sounds swirling under the solid constant of the plucked melody feel so ecstatic it drives the goosebumps on my arms mad. Wonderful mellow tune that would definitely become one of the favourites to put on play on a relaxing day, or when you need to feel to hear some exceptional dreamy acoustic music!

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