Raine Emily – Songs from an indie movie

We’re glad to announce that indie artist Raine Emily has released her debut EP, entitled Songs for an indie movie.

Raine Emily is a multi-talented indie artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, who not only writes haunting lyrics, but also creates equally moody melodies using piano, guitar, and ukulele. Her music is rooted in rock, rnb, and bedroom pop; and is inspired by such artists as Rex Orange County, Mac Ayres, Girl n Red, Clairo and Mxmtoon. She is currently training in one of New York City’s top musical theatre schools, where she has earned the interest of several industry professionals, such as Broadway and TV actress Brigid Brady and Broadway Producing Director Jim Elliott. Some notable performances have taken place at the Corduroy Restaurant for their open mic night (where she was invited back any time to perform again), Benny’s Bagels at a music night run by the Kitsilano Theatre Company and during the event “Electric Circus” hosted by Kitsilano Theatre Company.

Songs for an indie movie was recorded at producer Myles Hemy-Bain’s home studio, where COVD-19 didn’t stop their creative process. Raine wrote the lyrics and co-wrote the instrumentals; while Myles wrote and played the instrumentals, and produced the entire EP. Songs for an indie movie is inspired by how someone recovers post-heartbreak, whether from friendship or from love; as Raine says, “This EP has honestly been in the making for years. I’ve had so many experiences of growing apart from friends I thought would be in my life forever and just the worst breakups ever. After all that heartache and struggle to find some kind of recovery from those situations, music ended up being the solution. The songs on this EP are about how you can recover from all the different ways life lets you down. I would say ‘Goodnight from a wallflower’ is truly the most vulnerable I’ve been on this EP and it will always be my favourite song.

All the songs on Raine Emily’s debut EP are connected by their sound being suitable for an indie movie, which was how the title was born. Raine says, “This EP is an honest look at the emotions humans face when we go through heartbreak. It’s a look into being human.

The EP begins with “Please Return to Owner,” on which the lyrics center about someone who feels like they can’t think. As the people around them get worried, they swear that they’re fine, despite knowing otherwise; and by the end of the track, they realize that they’ve shut everyone out from their life. Throughout the track, the acoustic guitar strumming, laid-back drums, and mellow electric bass together create a contemplative atmosphere that complement Raine’s pensive lyrics quite well.

“Damn! the grim reaper is cute” is a more upbeat, danceable track, whose lyrics are about someone who is attracted to an “emo looking skater boy” who also happens to be the grim reaper. Raine’s lyrical brilliance is quite evident on this track, with lyrics like “I wanna visit his house of ill repute” and “Has me falling six hundred and sixty six times.”

The next track, “Daisy Chains,” is a melancholy ballad about someone who struggles with friendship, and ultimately decides that being lonely is an easier route than failing at creating connections. The bridge masterfully showcases Raine’s haunting vocals, which are complemented nicely throughout by the reflective acoustic guitar melodies.

“Goodnight from a Wallflower” explores the theme of finding hope after being heartbroken, acknowledging that there’s still a long way to go to heal, but also celebrating the progress that has been made. The lyrics are calm yet sentimental, and are underscored by mellow piano chords and moody bass, leaving listeners with a bittersweet feeling to close the album.

Songs from an indie movie is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend this EP to fans of indie rock, rnb, and bedroom pop alike.

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