Alex Stanilla – Radio

A song named more after how it sounds than its message, “Radio” is solo artist, Alex Stanilla’s new prog/math-rock single and it’s sure to be his next hit. An interesting arrangement of sounds and vocals, just as the songs you love to hear on the Radio.

Alex Stanilla is a musician, producer and artist from Lebanon, Pa, USA. Growing up, Alex fell in love with post-hardcore music, particularly a band named Damiera. He loved their dynamic songs and their “all over the place” style. Now, Alex is determined to make the style of music he would’ve listened as a teenager 10 years ago.

Radio was meant to capture the same feeling as the upbeat, post hardcore/rock music Alex used to listen. Channelling every nuance as he could, Alex managed to produce a unique new approach to his sound, challenging himself to step out of his comfort zone and deliver a different style of music from which he’s known for.

You will hear bass, synths, guitars and drums, all covered with Alex screeching vocals, making the song explosive, interesting and fun. Little details will seduce your ears, spontaneous elements that give uniqueness to the song, Alex’s creativity was put to the test… and he delivered.

I try and make songs as explosive and interesting as possible, this song is by far the wildest production I’ve ever pulled off.” – Alex Stanilla

Alex plays bass, guitar, keys, synths and programs drums. He studied screenwriting in college and have helped produce and score several short films. Some of them have been shown in Festivals around the world.

The riff and song structure of Radio was written while Alex was watching Love & Mercy, the movie about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. “I don’t think that really played into how the song sounded but that’s when I first started composing the song.” Recorded in his basement in Lebanon, Pa, Radio was then handed to a mixing engineer, also in Lebanon, and was finally mastered in Philadelphia at Daughterboard Audio.

The song was written in 2017 but remained as a demo on a hard drive because it didn’t fit the style of music I was making. After the shutdown of 2020 I went back and started reworking all of my old demos and I no longer cared that this song was a different genre I really liked it and put a lot of work into it.

Alex’s determination has seen fruits, and Radio has become one of his most interesting and unique compositions to date. So, you can expect to be entertained.

Radio is a pisces song per se, being torn in two directions between showing love by being around for someone or showing self love by isolating and unfortunately feeling guilty for both.

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