Raffael Seyfried “Return”

In this busy world it’s beneficial to take a timeout and reflect on your inner state for a bit. Relax, let the dust settle and take time to enjoy being present. And why not take on a little exploration, such as a new artist. There’s new music out, this time it’s a single coming from the dreamy floating realms. Read on to learn more about the new single and this wonderful artist!

Raffael Seyfried is a German artist living in Düsseldorf. His musical works could be called aural worlds taking place on a border between two different mediums – the piano and the electronic realm. With sheet music and modular synthesizers side-by-side, Seyfried goes to explore sonic characteristics and how different elements combine with one another. The result is a subtle yet spacious sound, where there’s an equal amount of technical proficiency and love for the beauty of music, and a whole lot of emotional weight. Even if it wasn’t planned on, his songs awaken a lot of inner emotions, which feel equally as minuscule and elusive as the sounds evolving in his music.

With such delicate, yet mature sound it’s no wonder Seyfried has contributed on a number of movie productions and other projects as a composer and orchestrator. His music has also received a previous feature in this blog for the track called Passage. Today however, it’s time to talk about his newest release!

“Return”, the new single, is the first of a new series of releases and a discourse from the artist’s usual sound. This sparks as an ethereal and vibrant piece of music that’s combining quivering sounds that give off this sense of immediacy with field recordings giving it a very intimate layer. The sparse notes of the prepared piano top off the bustling state, giving a celebrating, then a bit awestruck overtone. The entire piece strikes with such spirited energy it could well be a soundtrack of a new life developing in its fierce speed. The empty landscape getting filled with hope. A new day over the barren surface and a new wave of inspiration. At the same time it echoes what took place previously, and thus its title feels so fitting. The aural representation of never-ending influence from past times showing face in the new form, and for the artist, the unity of three realms.

The release of this single is just the beginning for this year, as Raffael Seyfried says he’s starting to release new music over the summer. Join his followers and allow the music to lift you up from the daily dread and carry on into the glowing sunrise.

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