Tawny Falls “Next Year”

With a strong declaration of moving on and leaving home, Tawny Falls let out their frustrations and shed a light on the happening during one of their birthdays this year in their new single ‘Next Year’.

Formed by Isaac Johnson and Ben Craven-Oakes, Tawny Falls is a passion project the duo created back in 2019. From their beginnings making music in their bedrooms to home studios, the two friends have been in charge of recording, producing and mastering all their songs. One year after the duo was established, this hobby of theirs became their main source of income, as the time they had to spend at home during the lockdown allowed for longer periods of creative writing that led to four tracks and an EP.

The year of 2021 saw the release of the previously mentioned EP, and after having one of their tracks making an appearance on BBC Music Introducing and various playlists, Isaac and Ben set out to continue making music. It was during this period that the duo set out to release their upcoming single, Next Year, at the end of April.

The story behind the track can be perceived and found out through the lyrics, but it makes its present extremely tangible during the sample added in the latter half of the song. Next Year is all about a conflict that arose during two flatmates and the feelings it caused within the duo to go through this. Fittingly, such a song about frustration and planning to leave everything behind is carried by a gloomy acoustic guitar and hard-hitting percussions that highlight the seriousness of the events. 

The half of the duo who went through this experience, Ben, gave Less Than 1,000 Followers an exclusive on the events that lead up to the argument heard in the sample and therefore, to the creation of this song.

“Towards the end of last year one of my flatmates outed me to the rest of my house [sharing] that I was leaving the house next year even though promises were made by all of us to stick together through thick and thin. Fast forward to next year on my birthday, the person who tried to grass on me was the one who actually ended up leaving due to a past relationship gone wrong with one of the other tenants. The sample on the bridge is the argument ensuing on my birthday and is why I decided to write the song.”

The Music Video Premieres on Wednesday May 05

Tawny Falls took a conflict and decided to do what’s best with such situations: make art out of it. After coming home during a break from university, Ben and Isaac wasted no time and managed to write and record the track in one evening. According to them, the fact that the song was closely linked to emotions might have been a big factor in the pace at which they worked on and completed the recording. 

The indie-pop instrumentation, story-driven lyrics, and unsparing, determined vocal delivery that Tawny Falls are known for make yet another strong comeback in Next Year. Although the duo left the pop influences aside to create a dreary, cheerless environment for this track, it is still everything listeners of Tawny Falls enjoy. With this release, they invite everyone with any frustrations or pent-up feelings to rise up and sing or scream at the top of your lungs, for listening to this song is not only a pleasant experience; it might even help someone to move on from past conflicts or confrontations. In the end, Next Year works both as a relaxation method and as a form to convey all your anger and finally move on. 

Tawny Falls makes upbeat but driven songs that are all inspired by the experiences between Ben and Isaac during the past two years. Motivated to produce art that can make people feel as much passion and energy as they do while writing and recording, these two young men contain the right amount of relatability and creativity that people love to see in any artist. Definitely worth multiple listens, for you’d hate to miss out on the beginnings of a great duo.

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