Bloodtooth “Odyssey”

Let’s be real, even if you did have the luxury of time to devote to looking for songs that are actually worth to listen to, it’s not every day that you come across one. And if it’s been a long time coming, take my word for it when I say that it seems that the stars just happened to align, and man, consider this a great day because the London based duo of epic proportions – Bloodtooth, just dropped today May 4th on all the streams platforms their fresh and official third single entitled Odyssey, along with its music video that is, without a doubt, going to take you on a whole different visual journey..which is just rightfully so because their new drop gives off this steady, semi-trippy synth and chill song.

There’s no denying that this new single definitely got me listening from start to finish because of this lush feeling the song gives off even at the very beginning of the song. It’s the kind of song you’d want to put on loop on a long and lazy day of staying in and just chilling, doing what you do best. It has this sweet beat to it with smooth and mellow vocals to ride along its wave. It’s the perfect addition to your summer beach trip or your playlist for winding down. It’s so good, I don’t even think it would take a second listen to actually grow into liking this song. It’s pure ear candy. Feel free to tell me if you think otherwise 😉

For the lucky ones (which is of course, you, our dear readers), give Odyssey a sweet listen to, so sit back and get cozy. Click here to be the first to enjoy this gem of a find!

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