“No pressure” sums up all the anxiety, fear, confusion, and frustration I’ve endured/went through this past year. – Tobi Adekanmbi. A mix between hip-hop, trap and punk rock, No Pressure offers a fresh sound with both energy and emotion. A song sure to stick with listeners of different generations.

Thehighwaystory is solo artist, Tobi Adekanmbi’s musical project and it blends everything he used to love growing up. From being obsessed with bands like Blink-182, Sum-41 and Sr-71 to “becoming super absorbed in the hip-hop scene“. Only 7 months have passed since Tobi decided to fully make music, but you can hear the craft he has put on his art for a long time now.

“These influences definitely helped me navigate through different styles of creating music and really helped me craft what my sound is today.” -Tobi

“No Pressure” is the embodiment of Tobi’s frustration from the past year, and the disconnection he has been through with old friends and relationships that just doesn’t work anymore. Feeling a constant pressure to feel happy while also keeping everyone around happy.

I found myself in this constant state of discomfort with myself and many things in my life. I was in between finding myself/what I really wanted to put into my art but also at the same time I was losing a lot of friends and people I truly loved with every fiber of my being.”

Tobi finds inspiration in artists like Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Incubus, Michael Jackson, Lil Peep and Juice Wrld, so you can expect a blend of different styles of music in his songs. Blending emo hip-pop, alternative r&b, and some punk/rock, Thehighwaystory has a lot to offer for the new sounds of tomorrow.

For Tobi making music isn’t about fame or money or any sort of glory that might or could come with it, he sees it as therapy. “Being able to convey my deepest feelings on a track and put out for the world to judge and critic in many ways helps me get over my fears and anxiety that I deal with.” He makes music for the sake of his sanity and to hopefully help someone else who might feel what he feels, letting them know that they’re not alone.

Thehighwaystory isn’t a project to be enclosed into a tiny box, Tobi want’s his audience to feel multiple layers of emotions as they sift through his music. “Something for every occasion

“I’m super excited to share this new single with the world and I hope people feel that refreshing but also nostalgic vibe from this tune!” – Thehighwaystory.

“No Pressure” was recorded by Drew of “Micvision studio” in Garnerville Ny.

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