Dream On – “Falling”

A mysterious band, an incredible song. “Falling” is Dream On’s new single, a melodic indie rock song we don’t know much about, other than it’s great.

Dream On is a band from London, UK, whose integrants apparently have been in the game since the nineties. None of them are strangers to touring or music, although this a fairly new project. Their sound has always been polished and with a classic vibe, you could compare them with the sounds of R.E.M or even Genesis.

“Falling” is a song that takes us back to the nineties indie, with lush sounds and intricate sections. You will immediately notice the beginning guitar followed by bass and drums. Lyrics speak of pain, insecurity, and moving on to something new. Melodic guitars relieve the singer at the chorus with a beautiful tone and ear catching arrangements.

“Sounds a bit like Beach Fossils, or Dr. Dog mixed with Lewis Del Mar”

A long-timed bridge gives the sense of space and development, just in time for the chorus to hit back again in a game of give and take between the singer and the guitarist, until the song’s end in the final chord.

“Andy, George and Howard have all toured as musicians in various projects before Dream On. Andy worked in folk clubs for years before forming the band and honed his songs there.”

I wish there could be more for me to say about this fine musicians, but I’ll let their music speak for them. So, go ahead and don’t forget to follow Dream On on Spotify. You can also find this track in the following Playlists: Less Than 1,000 FollowersIndie OnlyDebut Bands (Off The Radar), and Alterindie State Of Mind.

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