“Life After Life (Super Cut)” by Patches Dennis

As so often happens with contributing to this blog, I can only scratch my head and wonder in mild frustration when I hear a tune THIS good, then realise that it truly does not belong to a blog entitled “less than a 1,000 followers”. “Life After Life (Super Cut)” kicks ass, this is a pulsating big-beat trip of a tune…

“I love the intro and the creeping riff that brings in the band, I got quite inspired by groove-based rock music and the way a simple and catchy riff can inspire massive energy and excitement; bringing in the synths in on-top then turns it all around and gives it a nice ambience.
It’s a very systematic tune – constantly building tension using repetition and rhythm. From the pyramid-like beat in the intro to prince-inspired breakdown; it never lets up. I tried to mix open, moody synth samples and open guitar strings with quiet staccato riffs and baselines to try and invoke an atmospheric vibe that’s always on the move…”

Patches Dennis

You can tell that Patches was (fortunately) exposed to many different genres of music growing up, there’s nothing one-dimensional going on here. Asked how he would describe his musical style he responded: “Big, often excessive and uncompromising but nuanced and dynamic nonetheless. Like if the Hulk aced his ballet class…”

Let me make an attempt at trying to break down the sonic journey I hear when I treat myself to this beauty… what starts out as a Daft Punk(ish) meets Billy Cobham drum sequence then morphs into what sounds like a pleasant dialogue between Prince and Herbie Hancock before Quincy Jones interrupts that conversation to ask if it’s alright for Giorgio Moroder to join the party? And get this, the outro had me frantically searching for a tune from Foxtrot-era Genesis… if you know, you know right?

Strap in and play it loud…

Note to self: check out everything else producer Adam Jaffrey is doing right now.

Patches is British drummer and composer Patch Dennis. With his bold and compelling 2020 debut ‘Patches’, he is fast confirming a bright and exciting direction for jazz and instrumental music. Blending various influences of jazz and a cross-genre approach, Patches offers up a stirring nu-jazz experience.

‘We all know that jazz doesn’t have a big presence in the contemporary music scene, but clearly there is a lot of new talent emerging. Jazz is definitely not dead, and Patches will have a great role in the future of the genre.’

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