Shayla McDaniel “Better Days”

So, what time did you go to bed last night? As of me, I would not want to say, because it’s not a pretty answer… Anyway, May is Mental Health Awareness month. In connection to that and the bedtime questions I’m glad to introduce a new song by a charming artist. This song is a really lovely listen with good vibes and great beat, and it carries an important message – carry on reading to learn more!

Shayla McDaniel, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist by heart, creates delightful soul-infused songs with interwoven elements of r&b and alternative pop . Seeking to write music that will heal the listener, her themes are heavily relatable, highlighting emotions that many of us listeners are familiar with. Her lyrics carried by her lush deep vocals have sing-along qualities and always hit the nail on the head – her messages never lose the path to the hearts of listeners. And together with that huge load of positive energy coming from a single person, Shayla’s sound is unforgettable and her songs a guaranteed mood-lifter!

Her discography is full of good tunes, with every song having its own face and story. One of the songs, namely “Let Me Breathe”, has been previously written about. But today Shayla McDaniel is back on our radar because she has a new single out!

The new single is called “Better Days”. Released to highlight the importance of mental health on the month of Mental Health Awareness, the song features steady drumbeat that carries throughout the song like a person always pushing onwards. The melodic guitars offer both soothing and energizing atmosphere, full of positive vibes. Shayla’s singing voice takes the central stage, her warm, flourishing vocals give weight to her well-written lyrics. Speaking from the artist’s own experiences with being constantly tired from working late, the song highlights the importance of self-care, most particularly getting enough sleep. Knowing this is a struggle almost everyone has at least briefly been experiencing, and that there’s a high amount of revenge bedtime procrastination, this song is a true wake-up call to reconsider your bedtime habits.

The artist shares how this song was born: “The verses started as some voice memos with guitar that had been sitting in my phone for a while. When I got stuck, I looked to see what pieces I had that could fit with the song. The words were slightly different originally, but I made some small changes, and they fit right in. I used the steady, straight-foward rhythm of the verses to go with the tough situations in the lyrics to help represent how things are harder when you’ve been sleep deprived.”

With this message in mind, it’s time to make a few changes to better the daily lives. A good song to send to that one friend we all have that stays up all night, and a much-needed prompt to enjoy a good night sleep and rest from the hustling.
“The only time you have is now, so take care of yourself!”

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