The Machine Knows “Killer”

We’re glad to announce that Aarhus, Denmark-based hard rock trio The Machine Knows have released their debut single, entitled “Killer.”

The Machine Knows is fronted by Kristoffer Veirum (vocals and guitar). He’s the former lead guitarist from Danish rock band Dance With Dirt who shot to national acclaim in 2012, as well as from prog rock band Still The Man.

The rhythm section of The Machine Knows consists of Tobias Weltzer (drums) and Antonio Roxy (bass) from the goth/dark wave-band Fremmand. Together they have toured both the US and Germany alongside Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; and the latest Fremmand release, Wrong, was recorded with Carlos Alomar (David Bowie) and Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), among others.

The Machine Knows’ debut single, “Killer,” was produced at Antfarm Studios by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah/The Haunted), and was released on the Danish indie-label HQ Rec. The band has also released a great music video for the track, which you can check out here:

Describing the inspiration behind “Killer,” Kristoffer Veirum (vocals, guitar) says, “It all began with one single note in the rehearsal space. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Suddenly you hear something new in the old familiar, and the song quickly grew to become somewhat of a monster with its own intentions. Originally the lyrics where inspired by a YouTube-series on the lives of Roman emperors – what a handful those guys were! – but the personal crept in and transformed the song to something more akin to the personality of the band.”

“Killer” was one of the first songs that The Machine Knows wrote together, and it has as such been the catalyst for the band’s musical direction; it is a manifestation of the group members’ deep love of rock music, and shamelessly carries its inspirations on its sleeves. As Veirum says, “You always hear that same sob story about rock is dead, and all upcoming rock bands nowadays proclaim that they’ve been called to save the whole thing. As if playing in a rock band is activist work on par with Greenpeace. Save the whales, save rock’n’roll. Well, fuck that! We just wanna play loud, hard and have a great time, while we transpose our own experiences into cool music other people can enjoy. I think ‘Killer’ is a great example of that, just turn that shit up.”

On “Killer,” fuzzy electric guitar riffs and haunting vocal melodies combine with the shuffling drums and punchy bass to create a heavy sound not unlike that of Queens of the Stone Age. As the lyrics tell a grim tale of being betrayed by the ones closest to you, the hook-laden passages flow together perfectly and captivate the listener throughout the track, exemplifying The Machine Knows’ excellent musicianship and brilliant songwriting.

“Killer” is quite an enjoyable listen and an impressive debut release for this new Danish power-trio; I would highly recommend this track to fans of modern hard rock artists like Queens of the Stone Age.

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