Brenna Erickson “Call You Later”

Indie pop artist Brenna Erickson‘s brand new sad girl anthem, ‘Call You Later’, speaks out to anyone who’s torn between putting their distance from others and maintaining their friends close.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Brenna Erickson is a young indie-pop singer, songwriter, and producer who’s been pursuing music since she was eighteen-years-old. It was at that age that the artist traveled from her home in Minnesota, where she used to live with her two music teacher parents, to study music production in Memphis, Tennessee as she aspired to be like pop producers such as Max Martin and Shellback, whose music she had grown up with. 

Fast forward to 2021, and Erickson has released several singles throughout the years. In both Call You Later and ‘One Hundred’, her previous release, she’s shown a focus on the relationships she has and how she maintains them, showing the importance loved ones have in her life. Her music can be recognized by its fresh productions, unique melodies, and honest lyrics, in which Erickson pours her heart out, making every sung word drip with the emotions she felt while writing and producing that track. 

Call You Later, as previously stated, is Brenna Erickson’s proud sad girl anthem, and it was made while thinking of the days where crying seems like the most desirable or needed action in the entire world, yet the sadness does not wash away the desire to be surrounded by catchy melodies. This track is an uplifting, cheery sad song, and the blend between sorrow and joy is embodied in the instrumentation and poppy vocals.  

As Brenna Erickson shared when asked about the meaning of the song, its origin story happened during a fateful day where the artist looked at her phone screen, full of notifications, but could not bring herself to reply while being in a tired state of mind. 

“The thought of responding or calling back seemed overwhelming. I felt like I had more problems than good news to share which made me feel like if I called anyone back it would just be a downer of a phone call. I feel like I’m burdening people with my issues, even though I know my friends and family wouldn’t see it that way, but when I don’t feel like my best self, it is hard to put energy into relationships. Honestly when I don’t feel like my best self it’s even harder to put energy into taking care of myself,” Brenna stated.

With Call You Later, Brenna celebrates temporary solitude in order to heal and recover from the mental and emotional exhaustion. She simultaneously reinforces the idea that being sad and taking a break from everything can be beneficial to your mind and body, and promotes such actions in a song that relaxes the body enough to only leave the desire to dance traveling through our veins. 

Perhaps the most accurate way to describe the song is as Erickson herself said: something to cry-dance to in your bedroom on a tough day. Call You Later is the embodiment of fighting the lethargy that weighs down your bones in order to keep alive that small flame of positivity within yourself.

A song that will always be there for you during your worst moments, it would certainly be a shame to miss out on this loyal companion full of gritty determination. 

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