Erin Foster “Birthday”

Independent musician Erin Foster finally steps into the music scene under her real name, debuting with the sweet and dark underneath pop track ‘Birthday’.

When you hear the word “debut”, it is only natural to assume that it is the person’s first time doing a certain activity under the eyes of the public. However, that’s not quite the case when it comes to the “new” artist who’s arrived to the Australian, and soon international, pop radar, Erin Foster. The twenty-three year-old has been releasing music for six consecutive years under a collection of different pseudonyms, and she has now made the decision to step out of the incognito realm to be known by her real name. 

As an independent artist, Erin has been working part time in a music studio in order to fund her career. This job not only allows the singer to always be connected to music and to meet and form relationships within the ever-changing industry — the unforgettable encounters she’s had with amateur karaoke singers and retired professionals keep the job exciting and feeling different every day, and they ultimately help her improve on her professionalism as an artist. 

After nine months of planning, rebranding, and working on new music, Erin Foster has confirmed that there will be three more tracks released this year. Birthday is only the beginning in Erin’s new journey, and its addictive feel is already a positive sign that shows how successful she might become. 

Being a debut single, Birthday is of huge importance when it comes to defining what Erin Foster’s music will be like for at least a while. Undoubtedly, Erin made the right move by making this track her first move, for the honesty and vulnerability shown in the song, as it gives the audience a feel of who she is and can already create a connection between the artist and a listener who can personally relate to the story being shared.

Showing us the best of pop and gloom when they’re fused, this single shows undeniable pop elements and influences. At the same time, the synths heard throughout the song add a sense of strength and a need to be independent to the instrumentation, and as the lyrics progress and the story unfolds, there is a realization of how these specific sounds heighten the darker aspect of the song. The clean cut caused by Erin’s crude honesty contrasts against the bubblegum pink of her pop feeling, and that addicting combination that hasn’t been felt this strong since Marina’s 2015 persona, Electra Heart, create a feeling of excitement deep within any lover of pop who has an interested in brooding lyrics and narratives that aren’t hidden under a cheery filter. 

The artist shared: “My boyfriend was feeling down and out on his birthday this year. And I get it because I get that way too on my birthday. It’s a self-appraisal you can’t avoid and he felt the weight of it. I think it is natural to feel a sense of responsibility for your partner’s happiness, but I also think it’s important to identify when someone’s discontentment is beyond you and possibly nothing to do with you. Although when I showed the track to him it seemed to really cheer him up.”

Erin Foster brings yet another important topic to the table: the importance of knowing yourself and your partner, and being able to accept that some things might be out of your control. It is impossible to have complete power over the way someone feels, and a loved one going through a tough time can be completely unrelated to the relationship at times. In these types of situations, the best course of action is to show support and accompany them through a journey they must face independently, instead of trying to shoulder all the blame and responsibility for their emotions and mental state.  

Despite the song originally sounding like a negative experience, it is actually an important reminder and lesson on how to keep a relationship healthy and supportive. The importance of being human and allowing ourselves to be sad even when we’re in a happy relationship is a reality that should be mentioned more often, and this time, Erin Foster took it upon herself to be the one who shares this message via her own personal experience. 

Under her real name, bathing in the pink spotlight and staying true to herself Erin Foster does what all artists aspire to as she continues to stay on brand with her self-sufficient ethos.

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