Eva Snyder “Hometown”

I can hardly think of a person, who hasn’t received any form of negative comments about their dreams and hobbies coming from their community. Some of us are strong enough to ignore the sappy comments and manage to thrive, but for others they may have a debilitating effect. But when no-one else is around to support, music will always be there for you, and thus I am glad to introduce a new song that will help keep your spirits high and inspire!

Nashville-based pop singer-songwriter Eva Snyder is a master at creating toe-tapping county-pop blend full of positive tones and badass vibes. Her lyrics, while presented by her mellow and sweet singing voice, love to take the truth, expose it to the core and pin it on the wall, making the songs spark from the sass and energizing contrasts.

Every track she has created is a wonderfully produced song with a unique sound. For instance the really relaxed and summery “Bartender” and, of course her previous release from October last year – the honest “Transparent”, with lyrics exposing her insecurities. That tune became a Tiktok hit and gave the artist a taste of viral success.
Today, she is ready to release her next well-anticipated single!

The new song is titled “Hometown”, but as you can probably tell from the cover, there is more to the song than its title or even the charming guitar chords would suggest. This song, beginning relatively softly like another summery pop tune starts packing the gun with a whole load of energy as soon as she starts singing. Sassy and bold, the song becomes the artist’s middle-finger raised victoriously high at all those that didn’t believe she could do anything with her life.

The artist’s favourite line of the lyrics, “I moved to California and you’re still living with your mama”, comes straight from her life, marking the artist’s success at doing things she wanted to do despite all sticks thrown into her wheels. The celebrating anthem also runs a deeper meaning – a reminder to all listeners that no matter what negative things you get told about your dreams and thoughts – keep pushing on. They won’t matter on the bigger picture.

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