Karen Harding “I Didn’t Realise”

Karen Harding narrates a vague but deeply devastating heartbreak story in her new single, ‘I Didn’t Realise’.

An emerging artist from Melbourne, Australia, Karen Harding is making her official debut with a single released on the 7th of May. Harding, like every other person — and especially artists — longed for a connection and sense of belonging in this world, and found her emotional and expressive outlet in the activity known as (creating) music. Taking inspiration from her own emotions and a lifetime of experiences, Harding aims to make that connection palpable to any listeners. As she converses and shares her passion and soul with her music, she hopes listeners are able to feel how music transcends all other levels of communication and provides a sense of complete understanding never felt anywhere else. 

In love with the creative outlet known as songwriting, the artist gives extra care to every song and piece of art she’s worked on. As she’s been in contact with the art from a young age, learning to play the piano at age six and taking singing lessons from age fourteen, taking songs and tweaking them until they reach their full potential comes as a second nature to her. 

Her debut single, I Didn’t Realise, is a tragically moving tale that, in an ambiguous manner, tells the story of a break up that happened a long time ago but can sometimes still feel fresh.  

The song was done with the generous contribution from the acclaimed producer Josh Hennessy of Pivotal Music, who helped bring the project to life by simply adding his magic touch to the simplistic but innovative and touching piano track Harding had created during a moment of self-realization. 

I Didn’t Realise has a degree of intimacy that the listener can’t help but treasure. There is an inherent trust and care every time someone opens up to you, and this situation is not unlike a close friend opening up about a pain so strong it’s left them scarred. That is an appropriate way to describe such a song, for this ballad succeeds in taking you back in time to the moment the relationship ended, and it highlights every small highs and deep lows the artist felt after such an event. 

Appropriately described as a “reflective song that navigates us through every raw emotion [felt] during the healing process”, the single does not fail to take you on every step of the way, allowing for an experience where the listeners gets to live from the moment the relationship ends to the acceptance stage, where Harding is able to come to terms with the events and slowly moves onto the path of healing and cleansing. 

The singer-songwriter gave a slightly more in depth explanation as to why she felt it was in place to talk about the entire acceptance process rather than just dwell on the heartbreak or solely mention the happy ending. 

“The song was written after a fair amount of time had passed from my breakup. It begins by looking back on the events that happened at the time, and how I felt as I was going through those events.

The song then progresses in the last verse to showing how I have come to a point where I am realising I am strong and standing on my own feet, without the need for that relationship.

The chorus creates somewhat of a paradox, showing that the pain is still there, despite the feeling of strength. The reason is that when you go through the emotions of a breakup or another devastating event, you feel a whole mix of emotions and I wanted to capture the depth of what is felt.”

Karen Harding is an artist, and she creates music because of the joy and sense of belonging it brings her. Like many other creatures do, she yearns to find an audience who can feel understood and seen when they gaze into the essence of her works. While her music is only a short glimpse into the real Karen Harding, knowing that such powerful emotions only reflect a small percentage of the artists raises curiosity as to what more impactful stories she can tell. Creating a network of emotions and understanding, she’s slowly but surely bringing serenity into her listeners’ worlds. 

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