DEBUT SINGLE – Friday 7th May 2021

A track mainly about a lack of commitment…

It perfectly captures the moment of not wanting things to go any further or get serious with someone

Here is a new artist that has become comfortable with his instruments and that has developed his own array of sounds. Refusing to be ‘pigeon-holed’, ‘Post Night Pictures’ has developed as a person and a musician and his new found clarity and confidence can be heard right throughout this debut single.

Daniel Coughlin started out in musical theatre, studying the subject at Liverpool Media Academy.
After two years, he grew tired of learning lines and playing characters. Although his
training enhanced his talents as a musician, singer and artist, he realized that he preferred
being on stage as himself and working without the constraints of a single genre.

Post Night Pictures explores the connections between sound and imagery to evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia

Not all music has to sound the same… it can transcend genre from song to song

An intro that gently teases leads us into a catchy number and an alternative take on a topic that most artists address a little differently. He isn’t begging for love or desperately hanging on to something that won’t work… he is letting his love interest go… he is cooling things off. The eternal theme of love exists within this song – but the outcome is just a little bit different – this might be the song to fit your present situation, or just to make you think a little bit differently…

‘Post Night Pictures’ wants to encapsulate elusive emotions associated with sentimentality and nostalgia in his music and to make his listeners feel things too. This song ticks all of those boxes. You’ll be hearing it play in your own head after a few listens and it will also lull you into a state of rumination and contemplation.

Daniel Coughlin – AKA ‘Post Night Pictures’ is a Liverpool-based musician, photographer and filmmaker

I am going to personally add this song to one of my ‘late-night/relax’ play-lists. The production seems to purposely incorporate some gratifying static that makes me feel quite mellow – it’s an after-dark song to digest and mull over.

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