Do you believe in happily ever after? You will, once you listen to Cerulean’s brand new single “Ever After“, a lovely love song about a couple narrating their journey with each other, making it clear that no matter what tomorrow brings, it’ll be ok if they’re with each other.

Cerulean is an artist, rapper and music producer based in Eastleigh, UK. You probably know him as his comedic rapper alter-ego, “MC Beastly”, a moniker he used at the start of his career and with which he found great success with the drink-along anthem “Drink Drink Drink”, a song launched in collaboration with new artist Shia and producer Yvng Error.

The success he achieved and the beauty he found in connecting with people online via music inspired and gave him confidence to make more sincere indie pop music under his name, Cerulean.

“Though I’m currently ‘Less Than 1,000 Followers’, I hope to build a sustainable audience who enjoy my thoughtful approach to pop music” – Cerulean.

“Ever After” is a sensitive composition filled with a continuous flow of violins and the personal thoughts of a couple as they journey together. It’s an uptempo ballad filled with hope, love and the facing of problems that present along the way. Beautiful arrangements, background vocals and caring lyrics make this song a perfect choice for your favorite tear-jerker romantic movie, or book.

Cerulean, in contrast with his alter-ego “MC Beastly”, has a very sensitive approach and honesty to his music. Leaving comedy aside, he picks up his deepest feelings and exposes them without boundaries to the listener while still keeping his characteristic sense of humor, like he does in his previous single “Come Home“.

We applaud the decision Cerulean took to pass from one stage to the other and we hope to see him grow both in number of followers and on his development as an artist. If you enjoy his songs please don’t forget to follow on InstagramTwitterTikTokSoundcloudYouTube, and Spotify

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