‘SICK’ is the newest intriguing, somber landscape presented by the enigmatic JEWLS.

The aspiring singer-songwriter JEWLS is a wildcard on an artist. A pop alternative who cannot leave your mind once you’ve met her, with husky and sensitive vocals who can adapt to every beat she desires to use, it’s hard to not feel addicted to her music after the very first listen. Since she fell in love with music at a young age and finally met her true rhythmic love, electronica music, in 2016 after her collaboration with german producer David Hasert, JEWLS has been exploring her sounds and ideas that she can blend her voice with to create the perfect psychedelic experience. 

Since the release of her single ‘Take it’ in 2020, JEWLS has obtained recognition and was featured in popular blogs such as Berlin on air, It’s all indie, and eleven. SICK is her follow up track, and though it has a darker feel it is still a thousand percent JEWLS in all her glory. 

If her previous work can be described as dreamy and slightly hopeful while being melancholic to its very core, then SICK is a wrapped version of reality, showing an honest and hard edge that hadn’t been present in her other songs. 

Starting with an ominous piano that slowly introduces a deep and laid back but powerful drum, SICK is an unconventional track that shows the listener the truth of the world while still being reminiscent of dreams with the slight fantasy-like feels that come through at certain moments. The tight, smooth union obtained when the nonchalant drums and JEWLS’ fragile vocals meet the haunting and arabic-inspired synths is reminiscent of a dance between temptation and innocence, daring the listener to jump into the world of danger and slowly explore the truth of the universe and life. 

This rising artist from Cologne, Germany has wasted no time, showing her versatility in every new track and slowly introducing her audience to the very different sides of her while simultaneously bringing in new listeners who can’t help but admire the many ways in which her talent is presented. With only three singles released so far, and SICK being one that lets the listener get up close to JEWLS’ truth, there’s no telling of what the limit will be for her, and how she’ll transcend it and keep going once she’s met it. 

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