Linda “City Lights”

As Lockdown has turned socializing and nightlife into a distant dream, it has left quite a few of us missing going out. I’m pleased to introduce solace in a form of a song to all of those who miss going out. A wonderful artist has released a new single, a glimmering memory of vibrant nightlife. Read on to learn more about the artist and her fresh song!

Linda is a charming musical project by a Hungarian lady Linda Horváth. The project is where her musical influences meet with her passions, which combine into fresh wind of music, where every song is a unique gem offering its own little story. And if you look at the project’s logo closely, the I is an airplane – Linda Horváth is an airplane pilot and flying is one of the main things that inspire her to create music. The magical sights and completely different viewpoint influences her to share the beauty she sees flying up in the skies with listeners, and the result is the floating light sound that drags all of us listeners in for a dance.

The project has just released a new single, called “City Lights”. It’s one of a collection of songs born from a collaboration between her and 4 Hungarian musicians. With Ádám Meggyes, Gergõ Kováts and Krisztián Csapó playing trumpet, sax and trombone respectively and Ábel Mihalik handling drums, guitars, bass and synths, the song carries a really strong and sparking energy. The distinct sounds of brass instruments immediately bring on the feel-good flow, together with the dancing beat and her glorious vocals. The result is such an inspiring song pushing into experiencing a night full of flowing dresses and lots of wine. Pure fun!

The song was born as an ode to Budapest and its nightlife. Written during lockdown with 8PM curfew crossing out any potential for late night parties, the song became an oasis full of good memories and excitement. A party in the form of a song brings some of that nightlife energy into today, cheering up all of us with our small hopes and desires for the return of good times. Makes the pain of waiting much easier to handle, and brings a smile to the face and wiggle in the limbs!

Linda shares a few little secrets with us, talking about the upcoming video for the single: “We are finishing the videos for the music video, on next weekend. There is a Hungarian fashion designer, having a brand called NAGEA, she is creating all my outfits. In the music video we will show some night flights, some secret background stories about the Cargo life in big airports, and also we are having some amazing shots above Budapest, during night.”

She also stirs up anticipation about her upcoming album: “There will be a demo track on the album, which is related somehow to this single, but what exactly, and how, will be a surprise.”

The album, titled “Trip To Myself”, will be a collection of 11 songs telling the story of the artist, opening a window into her life. Her dreams and hard work all combined into the formation of this album, each song promises for a wonderful new adventure. With so much yet to come, Linda is set on course to good things – join her on this journey and experience the view yourself!

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