Tough on Fridays – “Cabin Fever”

Panic attacks. We’ve all had them, right? Well, hopefully not you, but who would’ve thought to make a song out of them? Indie/grunge rock and rollers, Tough On Fridays‘ have just released “Cabin Fever“, their first release of 2021 born from a panic attack. Melodic, energetic and full of emotion.

Keeping momentum for 5 years now, American infectious pop/indie rock band Tough On Fridays have returned with full power, now with the support of Sydney’s Golden Robot Records. Caleigh (songwriter/guitar/vocals) and Carly (bass/vocals), bring the noise and energy that the music scene needs right now, with unparalleled attitude and refreshing sounds.

After successfully releasing a string of singles and their full-length album A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time, Tough On Fridays keeps on recruiting fans all over the world with a well-rounded sound and developing maturity, mixing grunge, pop and indie all in a unique and powerful live performance.

Cabin Fever” was written way before the pandemic started, when Caleigh Oceguera was on vacation in Colorado. Although she is used to writing her song in the mountains, Caleigh experienced a panic attack late at night while she was in her cabin. She decided to write a song about it and the result is an elegant execution of painful lyricism.

A very perceivable hint of desolation surrounds the whole tune, as raspy guitars swallow the ambience and heavy bass and drilling drums mark the pace of a spine-chilling descent into powerlessness.

“What you get from Tough On Fridays comes straight from the heart and soul. Edgy indie with rollin’ bass fuzz, clobbering drum hits, shimmering guitar buzz, and bold-as-brass vocals. Bingo!”  – Turn Up The Volume 

Caleigh’s lyrical maturity stands out most, with an honest and brutal heartfelt sincerity. Emotions arise as she speaks her words minute by minute and her high-reaching harmonies chill the unsuspecting spine.

“While we have our musical influences, we are redefining the boundaries of what we are doing. We kind of have fun reading the reviewers comments as they work to define us and put us in a box. As we start to work on our next album we think they’ll find that more and more difficult to do.” – Tough On Fridays.

Cabin Fever” was recorded at Empire Sound Studio in Dallas in January 2020.

Nothing seems to be able to stop the freight train that is Tough On Fridays, and be sure that they will continue to move forward with sheer force, sincere expression and loud creativity. So don’t forget to support this project and to follow Tough On Fridays on InstagramFacebook,  TwitterSoundcloud,  YouTube, and Spotify.  You can also check out their official websiteIf you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you can download it on Bandcampor for virtual concerts you can go to songkick “Live from their sofa to yours”.

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