Birdman Cult – “Roll Em Up & tuck it in”

The modern age’s digital platforms have seen a deterioration in true self-expression with a herd-like perception of what’s cool and what’s not. Uniqueness and authenticity are harder and harder to come by. Is there a cure for it? Bristol’s hard rock quintet, Birdman Cult says to “Roll Em Up & Tuck It In“. Express whatever the f*ck you want.

Birdman Cult is a rock quintet from Bristol with an unapologetic unconformity of how today’s youth and music bands seem to be developing. A comparison from the 80s aesthetic, 90s hipsters and today’s absence of personality have pushed Birman’s Cult to speak up and encourage today’s younglings to be themselves (their true-selves), even if they look like a fool.

“Doomy rock with a manic glint in its eye”. The group has been together since before the pandemic lockdowns started and have been gathering momentum with sold-out shows and the writing of new singles that are now ready to be unleashed. They aim to help navigate the slippery road of wannabes, where rebellion is a hashtag and people covet likes and follows more than self-expression.

Roll Em Up & Tuck It In” is a punk infused, sweaty rock vibe, punching right through social media’s allure to lose all individuality. Heavy, bulky, hairy and fuzzy, this single is a bitter takedown of the naval-gazing, cookie-cutter bands out there […]. A recipe for being fake and untrue.

“The spirit of Grunge and the 90s counter-culture was pure and probably the last Bastian of true youth movements, free from judgemental prying eyes as it was for decades previous, before the days of insta, tiktok etc when you could act a fool and not be recorded and publicly shamed the day after, illegal raves weren’t traced on google maps or hosted on Facebook events, instead it was a secretive cult you were excited to be part of , true abandonment.” – BMC

Birdman Cult try to keep it as ugly and authentic as they can be: “Its not all love and good vibes all the time, especially in this current world we find ourselves in and to pretend that it isn’t fucked is part of the problem not the solution.” The seek to present themselves true to who they are in full abandon and rapture, sometimes fun and upbeat, others greasy and dirty.

“Roll It Up & Tuck It In” is the latest single to the band’s 2019 debut offering, ‘SNAKES’. As with their previous releases, “Janet”, “Snakes” and “Time”, the single was produced by Chris Ellul of “The Heavy”.

We can’t wait to get back gigging as that’s where we thrive but we’re confident in our recordings.” – BMC

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