Lexi Lemonade “Flavors”

Lexi Lemonade‘s latest feel-good single, ‘Flavors’, tells the story of a mature, respectful tree of love who slowly but surely will open up for the right partner, and the signs one might need to know if they’ve charmed the many obstacles that make up the owner of the tree.

With an artistic ame that works as a reference for the beverage the artist has been in love with since high school, Lexi Lemonade is a multi-dimensional artist who is currently based in New Jersey. Counting with a variety of songs that range from having fast paces and strong percussions to lightly, delicate but sensual instrumentations that’s sure to slowly lure all those with a knack for slow RnB, Lexi is a singer-singwriter with an unmatched ability to understand what an audience would be attracted to. 

Lexi began her career by writing music and producing demos in her bedroom during college, and the first proper step was taken when she took the risk of releasing her own song,  ‘Drip’, in 2019. Since then, the release of later-released tracks such as ‘How Could I’ and today’s subject, Flavors, have shown a different facet of the multi-faceted as she continued to wow her audience by using her music to express the many different sides of her.

At it’s core, Flavors is both a temptation strategy and a warning to keep a distance. As a song that deals with love, the track features lyrics that allow the listener to see the charm within her soul, but at the same time the flower from the tree that’s calling out to the listener is surrounded by poisonous spikes and vines, showing the danger that comes from trying to get close to someone, or the possible aftermath and regret that will be felt if you dare try whoever dong the dong.

Flavors is an intricate homage to everyday conversations between potential lovers. While not necessarily a love song, considering the edge of a warning it holds, the single is undoubtedly able to express a desire to love and work as a promise that once you’ve been let into the tree’s owner’s heart, the spiteful spikes and veins will now protect you as well. 

This ethereal, marvelous track represents the purest and harshest sides of modern day relationships and the necessity to protect yourself from heartbreak. The slightly ambiguous threats do not come as scary, for the inside of this tree and fruit are merely love and the desire to connect with others. In this way, Flavors and Lexi Lemonade manage to capture the ethos of love, trust, and the importance the latter plays on the former. 

Being an artist with a catchy, varied discography that always includes introspective lyrics, Lexi Lemonade has been taking the talent that was bestowed upon her and from said lemons, she’s been creating the most sweet and fulfilling lemonade in the music world. 

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