Lost Woods “Sleep”

We’re glad to announce that Adelaide, Australia-based indie rock/indie pop band Lost Woods have released a new single, entitled “Sleep.”

Lost Woods are led by the captivating vocalist Peter White, and the band is completed by twin guitarists Tom Baird and Sam Baird, as well as by the driving rhythm section of brothers Lucas Sly and Miles Sly. Lost Woods’ 2016 debut single, “Vodka Ocean,” received airplay on national tastemaker Triple J and has amassed tens of thousands of streams on Spotify; and their track “Secrets In Our Sleeves” from their self-titled 2016 EP was a finalist in the 2016 Vanda and Young songwriting competition. More recently, their 2018 single “My Amazon” has gained over 45,000 streams on Spotify and received play on Triple J Unearthed.

Lost Woods have performed sold-out shows at the 2019, 2020 and 2021 Adelaide Fringe; and their 2019 national tour resulted in sold-out shows in both Adelaide and Sydney. They have also shared the stage with artists such as Holy Holy, Maddy Jane, Alice Ivy, Wing Defence, Towns, Mane, Timberwolf, Kingswood, and George Alice.

For those unfamiliar with Lost Woods’ music, the band writes,“First time listeners should expect us to sound like the love child of The National, Jeff Buckley and Local Natives. They should expect the full spectrum of emotions in our music, from loud soaring choruses to melancholy, heartfelt moments.

Lost Woods’ new single, “Sleep,” is their first release with musicians Lucas and Miles Sly; and it comes from a personal space for songwriter Peter White, a bout of insomnia eventually inspiring the lyrics. As Peter writes, I was having insomnia and not sleeping or dreaming. It made me realise that dreaming has been a refuge for my chaotic, unsatisfied and unfulfilled life. My reliance on this escape has created a distance in my relationships and I was sleepwalking through life…I was essentially going through the identity crisis that most young people go through in their mid-twenties. I realised that I wasn’t enjoying or participating in life, just going through routine.

Regarding their musical approach to “Sleep,” Peter writes, “Musically, we tried to create a more high energy sound, something that’s more reflective of our live sound than our previous EP, while trying to maintain some introspective moments, with a spacious atmosphere too.”

Lost Woods have also released a great music video for “Sleep,” on which they worked with directors Aaron Nassau and Jack Troisi in bringing a unique narrative to screen. Featuring dancer Lance Collins, the clip explores a darker narrative, while matching up with the Lost Woods vision. As the band writes,They had free reign creatively and came up with the rather creepy concept that we love. It features a character being chased by faceless beings and eventually succumbing to them. The theme could represent a number of things, whether that’s an internal struggle, environmental issues or plain old weirdness, but we’d like to leave it open to interpretation.

“Sleep” begins with jangly, bright-sounding guitars and the propulsive rhythms of the drums and bass, immediately drawing the listener in with their expansive and contemplative sound. The soaring vocals soon join in, complementing the guitar melodies quite nicely throughout the highly dynamic track. “Sleep” takes the listener on a pleasant journey as it flows perfectly between calmer, more reflective moments and the driving choruses, exemplifying Lost Woods’ creative songwriting and excellent musicianship.

“Sleep” is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend this great single by Lost Woods to fans of indie rock and indie pop alike.

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