NEW ALBUM RELEASED – 11th May 2021

Pastels & vignettes……… the debut opus from Molosser has arrived.

Delicate and deep, at times pale and at other times vivid – the contrasting shades that Molasser plant in the listeners mind are evocative of a time and place we all wistfully long to be………

9 tracks of distinct sound, created with down-tuned acoustic guitars, vocals and drums.

This is an album that conjures a mystical and magical vibe. The musical soundscapes on ‘Appear’ are enchanting and the songs are transportive – it’s a journey through vast woodlands and rivers – undiscovered trails and dark coves – and simultaneously, it’s akin to travelling through time. Some of the interludes and instrumentation on this album are absolutely beautiful and incredibly masterful. Here we have two artists that are experimenting with new sounds and methods – but they are totally at peace with their instruments and in harmony – and they have crafted a quite exquisite world for us to enter into, even though it may be fleeting.

The world of Molosser – a unique sound that you’ll want to keep coming back to…

The music being delivered to the listener is perhaps a unique hybrid of 70’s folk tinged with downtempo/acoustic 90’s grunge. It recalls numerous artists of the past in deciduous parts – but it is also creative and incomparable to anything you have heard before.

One thing that might set Molosser apart from many other examples of acoustic guitar music is that the vocals often have a nerve and intensity that you associate more with electric rock and a freedom of phrasing that’s inspired by jazz and soul. This is no wonder, since Tess and Jahn have a background more in these worlds than in folk, Americana or similar genres. Not to say that this is obvious at all times, but it makes it hard to put the duo squarely into any one genre.

Molosser build their music by weaving together riffs, basslines and melodies.
The guitars and the vocals tell their own story in an ongoing conversation with each other.

As an avid music listener myself and someone who is constantly searching for musical utopia – the music of Molosser reminds me of many artists I have come across in my 43 years on this planet – some of whom I only know a few songs by or I only know their voice and style – but there are others that I am very familiar with and I love their canon of work. It’s very important to acknowledge at this point that Molosser can not be ‘pigeon-holed’ – but as a reviewer, it is in some ways dutiful of me to direct you to the music and to encourage you to explore it. Therefore, I genuinely feel that comparisons (as mild as they are) can sometimes help.

Tess sometimes sounds a little bit like Tori Amos or Melissa Auf Der Maur – and maybe even PJ Harvey in her White Chalk period. Her voice takes us through all of the songs at different heights and trajectories. The dark folk soundscapes are sometimes not too dissimilar from previous compositions and creations by the likes of Gravenhurst or Rustin Man – some of the finger-plucking guitar-work really does take me back to the early works of Nick Talbot. Tess and Jahn have achieved something quite extraordinary with this album – even though it’s just the two of them at work – the sound is often reminiscent of a full band experience.

I also want to try to coax and persuade you to check out the two promo videos found below – they both provide insight, intimacy and warmth – and a brief glimpse of the music and world of Molosser. I highly recommend it as a prelude before you dive into the album.

Where Tess & Jahn live – hear the inspiration of the river and see the river itself in this official music video
A different take to the ‘Appear’ album version – a new Barebones/Live video, a rawer version of ‘Ray of Moonlight
9 songs – 48 minutes – A debut album that includes a very interesting version of a well-known song!

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