Smoke Spider “You’re Wearing Me Out”

Smoke Spider is the supersonic brainchild of Gothenburg, Sweden born and raised duo Göran Florström and Johan Granat. Back in the mid 90’s, these two were already writing and releasing two albums, they unfortunately drifted apart and went their separate ways. Göran on the other hand, continued making music with the stonerband Generous Maria, as their main man for many, many years. 25 years later and a pandemic later, at the first quarter of 2021 – they’re back with a vengeance and now we’re given the pleasure of being introduced to Smoke Spider.

Smoke Spider

Since their comeback and immediately coming out with fresh new ear candy, this is just their second. The first release entitled Love to See You Miserable was already good and hearing their latest one, You’re Wearing Me Out, just really blew my mind. If this songs intro doesn’t win you over instantly, then there must be something really wrong. But then again, just like food or flavour, taste in music is also subjective. Although you’re going to have me to trust me on this one. And that’s just the intro I was referring to.

Smoke Spider

This song is a total YES for me, without a doubt! I love how its beat is a bit crazy, perhaps even the kind of synth you know you’re going to hear when you’re about to warp out or step into an alternate reality. Besides its beat, the lyrics and volcals, are just so good. The entire song is something I’d definitely put on full blast while getting ready for a night out that I know for a fact will be another rollercoaster ride, or a night of just pure good vibrations (even if the lyrics tell us otherwise, lol).

You’re Wearing Me Out by Smoke Spider

If there’s something I find comfort in, Smoke Spider’s ultimate masterplan is short and straight to the point – it’s to write, record and release. And their goal is to drop at least a new song every month. Considering the quality of music they come out with in every release that they do, it’s safe to say that we definitely have something great to look forward to in the months to come. I’ve the point wherein I refuse to take any more of your time because I am just TOO excited and happy to share this rockin’ (sorta spiralling upbeat) fresh hit with all of you their latest single, which is now available for listening pleasure on all streaming platforms. I hope you enjoy this one!

You’re Wearing Me Out by Smoke Water

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