Alvinos Zavlis “In My Dreams”

Dreams are the most secret part of us, a little sandbox where to fantasize about all kinds of things. Sometimes, for some of us, that sandbox get overtaken by the dreams and aching for a special person, an unreachable dream. For this particular feeling, a skilled artist has created a wonderful new single which is a must-hear especially for those of you suffering from that state. So feel free to read on!

Alvinos Zavlis is a UK-based electronic music producer with his roots in Cyprus. The music he produces is a completely different world explored by the artist without being tethered to any boundaries set by genres. In fact, his discography has space for multiple genres and combinations, for instance you’ll find a rather moody trap beat “Can’t”, a flowing lofi release “Alvinos Vs. Lofi” and moody electronic tunes among many other surprises. One of the few artists where every song is worth a listen to uncover yet another mystery behind the title.

His comparatively dark sound together with sweet modern production and reckless experimentation lends for quite immersive listening experience, one that makes dark rooms and big soundsystems feel very seducing.

Alvinos is back today with his new single. Titled “In My Dreams”, the song marks a new adventure under the genre-defying flag. This time it’s a trip into the realm of our deepest dreams, those closest to, and most painful for our hearts. The repetitive piano melody carrying on throughout the song gives off a pensive and emotionally dark feel, as the artist’s dreamy vocals quietly speak his longing feelings for someone he can’t be with and the pain it gives him.

The chorus becomes a wonderfully layered segment with his oh so smooth high vocals as the lyrics plead to be rid of the suffering and let him regain the clear mind to understand. Most definitely the soundtrack for many of those sleepless nights spent thinking about that special someone way out of the agenda. The song will really turn the sorrows into solid form for the listeners, but at the same time it offers the kind of solace only someone who suffers the same fate could give.

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