Mass Experience – “Sitting with demons”

A grand and fabulous sonic experience which one may catalog as the New 90s sound. “Sitting With Demons” is Mass Experience’s long awaited full-length album with 11 tracks of pure psychedelic joy mixed with electro pop, and female-vocals-meets-breakbeat richness.

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Having worked together for 25 years now, Australians Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton started out spinning breakbeat records in the 90s, and promoting some of the most legendary underground rave parties in Sydney. Blown away by the explosion of electronic dance music, this pair followed their desire to explore the emerging possibilities of technology, hence Mass Experience.

“Sitting With Demons” is a vast arrangement of synthesizers, analog and digital bass, wavy guitars, jazzy drum fills and the charming, oneiric and seductive vocals of Katie. A mix of underground feelings with a touch of electro pop and psychedelia, this album is a must hear.

Starting up with homophone track “Sitting With Demons” the album immediately lays the path, texture and sound you’ll hear throughout the end. An effervescent intro of synths and raspy guitars carves the way for the silky bass pattern and evolving background vocals mixed with palpitating drums and magical background elements. Katie’s vocals are clean, soft and sensual, captivating the listener with a retro sounding vibe of heavenly melodies and stuttering delays.

“The Way It Makes Me Feel” is sensual, upbeat and dreamy, analog and digital sound-waves flood the ambience pushing the listener into a sophomore state with vibrant colors and cradling backbeats. “Time Stood Still” is anything but still. It does present a more relaxed vibe (that is, until the chorus hits), almost underwaterly, I think you can even hear some dolphins in there. Care for a dive?

“Stick Around” brings the jazz, the finessed hihats, the fat synth melodies and the psychedelic arrangements. Will you Stick Around?

“That Feeling of You” is happy, is dreamy, bringing the feelings of love and joy, freedom and movement. Wailing synths and big all-around basses. Feel the warmth of connection.

“So High” brings you all the way up. Oscillating synths and half-time synth-wave vibes nurture your desires of high-altered states. “Baby, I will let you fly…”

“Want Me Back” is aggressive, almost chaotic, quite sinister, lurking … waiting. Retro 909s, anyone?

“Mass Experience” brings the psychedelic, the mid-tempo approach. Sturdy, a bit arrogant but elegant. Undergroundly. Bop your head, feel the noise.

“Come To Me” is alluring, seductive, a bit somber, crawling even. I’ll be waiting…” Did anyone said Underworld? Mind the oscillating delays.

We approach the end in “Within The End”, but as the song says, “don’t be afraid…” Heavy drum hits are heavy. “You need to let it go…”

Finally we end up with Mass Experience’s underground debut single, “Coronavirus Crisis”, but don’t let yourself be scared by its title, as it presents a rather feel-good, upbeat vibe. A perfect finale for a perfect album. The world needs more from Mass Experience’s peculiar minds and peculiar music.

The Way It Makes Me Feel continues to demonstrate that the ensuing album is made for
fearless love warriors united on a journey into the unknown.”

Mike Marsh (Chemical Brothers, 808 State, Basement Jaxx) enhanced the party mix with his masterful touch.

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