Thehighwaystory – “Apocalyptic”

We’re glad to announce that West Haverstraw, United States-based solo artist Thehighwaystory has released a new single, entitled “Apocalyptic.”

Thehighwaystory is the music project of producer Tobi Adekanmbi, who incorporates elements of emo hip-pop, alternative r&b, and some punk/rock styles into his music. His musical influences include such artist as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Incubus, Michael Jackson, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD; and although Tobi started fully making music just 7 months ago, he’s released several singles (such as “No Pressure,” for which you can read our track review here, “FrD!,” and “Picture Perfect”), as well as the EPs Dr!ve and Longview 81 vol. 1, and an album entitled Days We Waited.

Regarding his inspiration to create music, Tobi writes “To me music isn’t something I do for fame or money or any sort of glory that might or could come with it. It’s honestly therapy to me. Being able to convey my deepest feelings on a track and put out for the world to judge and critic in many ways helps me get over my fears and anxiety that I deal with. I make music for the sake of my sanity and to hopefully help someone else who might feel what I feel know that they’re not alone.

Thehighwaystory’s latest single, “Apocalyptic,” is inspired by Tobi’s experiences taking part in several Black Lives Matter protests in NYC, and focuses on pertinent issue of racial injustice. As he writes, “The story behind this song starts with the blm protests that took the world with a storm. As someone that took part in a lot of the NYC protests and saw first-hand how many people were hurting and confused by the injustice going on, I felt extremely inspired to create something that’d help me emulate how I’m also feeling about the matter. This song embodies what I feel as a black man living in the United States. It’s a mixture of all the frustration and anger I felt/feel about racism and the state of the world. None of it truly makes sense to me as to why people hurt people like this. I hoped that this song can help other kids of color to feel some sort of safety and to know they’re not alone.

Thehighwaystory has released “Apocalyptic” along with a compelling music video for the track, which you can check out here:

“Apocalyptic” begins with sound of echoing electric guitars, which create a mood that is solemn and reflective. As the vocals join in along with the bass and drums, they complement the pensive sound of the guitars quite well, and Tobi’s heartfelt lyrics poignantly address the issue of racism. Lyrics such as “I don’t mean to get so sentimental, but it all just feels so detrimental” and “can’t get out of this place, fighting wars against race” exemplify Thehighwaystory’s inspired songwriting. The track concludes as the vocals take on a more urgent tone, underscoring the feelings of anger and frustration caused by racial injustice.

At the same time that “Apocalyptic” confronts a critical issue that is still very much present in society, it is also a highly enjoyable listen; I would definitely recommend Thehighwaystory’s new single to fans of emo-, pop-, and soft rock alike.

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