Amadeus MOZZA, “Your Best Follower”

May 14, 2021

In this New Music Friday we’ll be covering the debut single by Amadeus MOZZA, a “self-deprecating mercantile alter ego” created in 2016 by French musician Anthony. After working for several years in the marketing department, he dwelved into a musical world inspired by his obsession with electro sounds and dancefloor pop, writing lyrics full of cynicism about consumerism and employing urban rhythms to portray his unprecedented musical vision. Following his first live performances in 2017, he is now ready to release his music with an upcoming EP, to be released throughout 2021.

Your Best Follower” is an exploration on hyper-consumerist societies and social media, a venturous track constituted by a wide variety of contrasting stylistic approaches; an unexpected collage of expansive electronic beats, pop-oriented melodies and a refined sense of dark irony, always carried with elegance and sheer artistry. It’s not very often that we get to hear an outburst of rap verses in French followed by an atmospheric voice-led verse of soul, particularly when the main chorus pertains to neither of those genres… all of the contrasts found across sections (in terms of vocal delivery and instrumental effects) promote complex impressions and a very engaging listening.

“Your Best Follower is the ambiguous love message that Instagram or Facebook would deliver to one of his users. As social networks usually collect data in order to target their sales, they can be considered as the user’s best follower. Amadeus MOZZA compares this process to an unhealthy love relationship between a stalker and his prey, and plays the role of the former.”


We can certainly affirm that this debut single manages to subvert expectations in unique manners, as Amadeus MOZZA evades the constraints of genre and formula-based approaches, replacing them with an unbound creative desire, a search for freedom in his musical discourse that results in a very idiosyncratic sound. Be sure to check this amazing track out, and keep on the look for the next release from his upcoming EP!

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