NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 14th May 2021

The sound of the city….. Liverpool singer/songwriter Ben Burke has a new single out.
Can we avoid obvious comparisons …. ?!

‘Come Around’ is Ben’s 5th single to date – but his first on the Nifty records label.

The Liverpool lineage for great artists, musicians and bands is rich and longer than my arm. Longer than both of my arms AND legs put together actually, to be straight! Is it really possible to write a review for a Liverpudlian that doesn’t name-check other inhabitants of this famous city? Probably not… but I promise I am only going to go there once – and once only… and briefly!

Ben continues to explore the universal themes of longing and resolution with ‘Come Around’

Clocking in just shy of 3 minutes – I think that the length is perfect for this little folk-pop-ditty. This song has so many great hooks – but most importantly of all -it engages the listener. An intro that brings a smile to your face (once you’ve heard it a few times) is augmented by all of the musical intricacies that follow. It’s catchy and it’s happy and it’s lyrically cute – hey, don’t knock it! – sometimes it’s a little key word and phrase that really endears you to a song.

I think what I like most about this song though is that it’s a really good, enjoyable singalong – the kind of song you’ll be singing in the shower and a song that you’ll be booming out, along with Ben; at a gig. Now for the inevitable comparison! – this is a song that has the same kind of vibe as The Coral’s ‘Pass It On’. That’s another short track that I have always loved – if you like it too, this song is going to be right up your street!

Ben is supporting Louis Berry on his sold out shows on 28th/29th May 2021 in Hangar 34, Liverpool

Ben also has excellent previous experience. He supported The View on a month long tour around Europe in 2016 with his old band The Stamp. He has also toured with BOSS NIGHT playing alongside John Power and Jamie Webster, including playing to 50’000+ fans in Madrid for the European Cup Final. Ben has his own headline show coming up in July with Purple Noise Promotions – it’s clear to see that a burgeoning solo career beckons – great new sounds from the city are on the horizon.

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