Chartelli “Fast Car”

Living in the fast lane, Chartelli releases an energetic and euphoric second single, ‘Fast Car’, which is perfect for driving, dancing, or listening with friends.

The twenty-two year-old artist from Vancouver, Canada is ready to continue taking on the world after the massive success of her debut single, ‘Fresh Out of Emotions’, just over a month ago. Being in love with music, she’s determined to keep putting out more songs that will inevitably reach an audience with the same craving for fun she has. 

Containing a similar upbeat energy to her debut, Chartelli’s newest release takes the adrenaline to a higher level as it increases the elements in the instrumentation and takes the rhythm to a faster pace. Reminiscent of summer in every way, Fast Car arrived right on time for students to enjoy it once finals are over and for other audiences to vibe with the breezy and cheerful feeling it brings.

The idea behind Fast Car is both simple and effectively desirable: living life at the fullest. With the prompt of a world where we’re free to once again go out like before and enjoy the beach and public spaces, of feeling the wind pleasantly hitting your face as you drive through the highway, and of meeting up with friends to enjoy your freedom, this single contains the main elements found in people’s dream summer. 

Chartelli incorporated laidback and catchy lyrics with a fun, lively beat that invokes the feeling of absolute fun. Fast Car mixed pleasant vocals with an addicting beat that contains easy to remember guitar riffs and a spirited synth, and incidentally created the musical formula for making listeners feel at the top of the world. 

The artist also talks more in depth about the importance of making music with the sole purpose of having fun, and the positive impact it can have on both the performer and the listeners.

Before I decided to take music seriously, I had a friend who had always been telling me to get into music and believed I had the talent to make it somewhere with music. While hanging out at his house he was working on music and just playing type beats and he played this one beat that I loved. I immediately came up with the melody for the chorus and we recorded that at his little home studio. Initially I was only on the chorus and he did the verses but as I began to fall in love with making music I ended up really falling in love with that song and wrote some verses. A lot of times musicians often feel the need to have deep and meaningful lyrics in their songs which of course art is a powerful medium for such story telling but sometimes it’s okay to make fun music with whimsical lyrics. Fast car is just that a fun song to enjoy at its surface level and that does not in any way take away from the artistic expression.

As the beginning of the song says, Fast Car is all about feeling like a rockstar, looking at the future and doing whatever you want without worrying about the past. While listening to this song, there is a feeling of being surrounded by a positive energy that works as a shield, pushing away the negativity to allow you to bask in your happiness for a little longer. 

Chartelli also sings about being slept on and refusing to let things stay that way, for she’ll find a method to make people notice her and her talent. With her second release, she is already proving herself and has begun building the evidence on why people should take a chance on her and her music as soon as possible. Don’t sleep on the next big thing, and add Chartelli and Fast Car to your library if you feel ready to enjoy life to the fullest.

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