Eddie Cohn – “Animals”

“I think the world wants us to blow up ourselves and try again.” Eddie Cohn’s new single “Animals” is a beautiful arrangement of strings, percussion and sensitive lyrics tackling the chaotic capacities that we have as human beings.

Eddie Cohn, a musician and singer-songwriter from L.A., teamed up with a handful of skillful musicians to bring us his second single of his upcoming record, Dystopian Days. “Animals” fuses rock, electronica and cinematic strings, generating an ambience of temperance, inward virtue and collective emotion, all tied up with the raspy and inviting voice of Eddie Cohn.

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Following up his politically charged single “Freedom“, “Animals” is inspired by the unrest and chaos unfolding during Covid and the George Floyd protests. “Living just a few blocks away from the riots that took place in LA, Eddie Cohn writes a song about the carnal and animalistic tendencies of human beings.

The song was made in collaboration with Jake Reed (Drums, percussion), Bruce Watson on guitars, Phil Peterson on Cello, and mixed and mastered by Kevin Penner. Produced and recorded remotely, Eddie emailed back and forth what just started as a demo, with every other element of his team recording their part on their own.

“It was liberating to work from home and be forced to mix and record much of the record on my own but also a unique experience to not share the studio space with other musicians. I certainly missed being int he same room with other musicians but we managed to put together a beautiful song and record.” – Eddie Cohn.

Finding inspiration in bands like NIN, Beck, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, Eddie tries to bring together the digital sounds of synthesizers and electronic beats with the earthly sounds of drums, percussions, and strings, bringing an all-new approach to his music. “It’s challenging when you hear so many sounds and musical styles in my head but I’m trying to create a world where all these different musical styles come together as one cohesive unit.

Living very close to where the riots started, Eddie couldn’t help the feelings of fear and anxiety as everything started to go south. Questioning himself wether human beings are really that different from animals, Eddie wondered if we could really take control of ourselves and get us to be strong. “It was a scary time and I felt the only way to get through this emotional roller coaster was to sing and write songs. I feel lucky I have music and I feel lucky I felt inspired and came up with some new music to share to the world.” – Eddie.

If you feel inclined towards Eddie views about music and the world, feel free to listen to “Animals” and find the strength hidden in you. “Animals” music video was directed by Leslie Andrew Ridings. Written and produced by Eddie Cohn.

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