Hybrazil “Four Seasons”

It’s Friday once again, the most awaited day for many of us. Time to plan some nice activities, but before you leave, I’d love to introduce a really nice new single by a great band. The song is most likely going to be the perfect companion for pretty much any activity, so read on and learn more about this wonderful tune and the artist!

Hybrazil is a 3-headed alternative rock group from Ireland, consisting of singer Orla Coughan, guitarist Willians Maxwell and drummer Luan Lopez. Together, they create a flowing smooth rock round that is guaranteed to capture the listener and pull them into a vibeful evening, a confirmed moodlifter!

The band started off in the shopping streets of Galway, performing covers of songs from a variety of artists. They soon upgraded to give shows on the pub stages, livening up the nightlife as a cover band. But, as they grew better and better at performing and developed their original sound, it’s quite logical to assume the group would soon get the desire to create their own music.

And they did – in 2020 their first original single was born, called “Burning Desire”. That song, while sounding absolutely fresh, explodes with the sheer amount of the band’s wide range of influences that reach beyond genres. They’ve also released their first music video for single “Today” and more recently, another single titled “Orange Soles”. Today they’re back with more great news!

The group has a new song released today, a chill rock tune called “Four Seasons”. As soon as you hit play, the song immediately strikes with the vibeful and very laid-back sound, soon joined by Orla’s soulful vocals. The clean and warm guitar chords, the melodies and the light and toe-tapping beat keeping up the rhythm, they all make the song a truly enjoyable tune. Most definitely one of the best songs to put on to liven up the evening mood. Probably even on repeat, because why not!

This song was born quite quickly after Orla overheard someone say that the current weather was like four seasons in one, and she immediately thought of a person she knew that was like so. The song also reinforces the band’s own identity as a pop rock band with each member of the group giving an own personal spark and injection of influences.

“Four Seasons” has all the qualities to sound really sweet on an intimate stage, so here’s hope the pandemic and restrictions ease out, so artists can perform again. Hybrazil’s sound is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss hearing live!

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