ODEONS “Allowed to Fall”

We’re glad to announce that Kaarina, Finland-based producer duo ODEONS have released their first rock single, entitled “Allowed to Fall.”

ODEONS is the genre-hopping producer duo Mikko Jaakkola and Pati, who first met in 2013. Their guitar-based music “mixes elements of modern electronic pop with the rawness and sophistication of rock acts like Bush, Muse, and Faith No More.” ODEONS’ first single, “Hush Hush,” was released on April 9th of this year, and made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition. They also have many collaborations in the pipeline, and their next tracks will feature artists such as Joey Djia and Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle).

“Allowed to Fall” is based on an earlier demo from years ago and was chosen as a candidate for ODEONS’ first rock single during late 2020. The duo had planned to approach ODEONS’ former co-writer and collaborator to complete the song, as while it was always a very emotional and engaging track, the lyrics and vocal melodies needed some final touches.

ODEONS’ plan was for “Allowed to Fall” to be completed and released if all the writers would agree to complete the song together. However, it was with deep sadness that the news of their co-writer’s passing hit ODEONS before the project could be discussed together. After a lot of thought and discussions, ODEONS decided that “Allowed to Fall” would be released with the original  vocal melodies created by the original writing trio, and with lyrics finished by ODEONS in a way that would complete the original story in the first verse and choruses. The song is dedicated to a very beautiful and talented soul whose personality touched everyone around him.

 “This song was written already in 2013 for our rock band Sattakar (you can find our album on Spotify, as well), but the band broke before we had a chance to record this song. Now that we are operating as a producer duo, we have the possibility to add much more instruments and effects to our tracks. The original singer (partly also composer of the track) passed away in the beginning of this year, so this song is dedicated to him.

“Allowed to Fall” presents the world through sensitive and observing eyes, telling the listener it’s alright to fall down, as that is part of the human experience. In doing so, the song reminds us that sometimes the beauty of the human experience lies in moments where pain, perseverance, and letting go all come together. For those unfamiliar with ODEONS’ music, the duo writes: “First-time listeners can expect some twists and turns, guitar brilliance and more organic soundscapes than usual.

“About to Fall” begins with a wonderfully caustic, distorted guitar riff that characterizes the track’s verses. As the female vocals soon join in (along with an electronic-sounding bass synth), they complement the guitar melodies quite nicely and add an airy dimension to the track. The guitars take on a more reflective, echoing quality during the choruses, where distant piano notes add to the contemplative atmosphere. Throughout its dynamic passages, “About to Fall” immerses the listener in an evocative, guitar-driven soundscape that attests to ODEONS’ inspired songwriting and superb musicianship.

“About to Fall” is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend this new single to fans of rock music.

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