Top 10 No. 5 Top 100 Songs 2021 Valentino DeMartni – “Dancin’ Backwards”

A hot summer night, fast-paced living in a San Fransisco hotel, a reverie of exotic vibes, and almost spiritual discovery. “Dancing Backwards” is Valentino de Martni’s first single available now on every streaming platform.

Valentino De Martni is an artist, singer-songwriter based in San Francisco, USA, who moved to Merced to live with his dad after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2019. While he was there, Valentino wrote, tracked, and recorded the whole song using only his iPhone.

“Dancin’ Backwards” provided an escape for De Martini in the midst of suck dark and painful days. The song mixes a groovy backbone with an ethereal and almost eerie vibe. Steady bass, wandering guitars and exotic percussions fill the ambience while De Martini softly sings lyrics of killers and partying in hotels.

A mystical and psychedelic ride that suddenly stops, as one wakes up from a dream, ending the spell.

“My music is eclectic and bounces between genres, but you can always expect an entertaining story and groovy backbone. I experiment with combining influences from 60’s Italian to 70’s west African to 80’s Cambodian and even 90’s American R&B. I strive to keep my listeners engaged and provide a unique sound hard to find in today’s music.” – De Martni.

The song moves and flows in a kind of trance, pushing and pulling the fabric of one’s consciousness and reality. Dance along, dance while you can, before the dream ends.

All instruments by Valentino DeMartni
Produced by Ty Thorpe
Mastered by Siavash Mozaffari

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