nKOS – “From Dust To Life”

NKOS proudly present their long awaited full-length debut album “From Dust To Life” a synth-wave meets techno meets trip-hop creation that conveys our most dystopian present. From nightclubbing to long party nights under late neon city lights, you can find it all in here. For fans of Soulwax, NIN, Combichrist, Rammstein, etc.

Flavio Manieri, Chris Shape, Nancy Natali and Marcus Billeri are four long-time Italian friends that went from clubbing together to studio sessions to the inevitable fate that today is “From Dust To Life”. “Where trip-hop meets the dance floor”. NKOS finds their style in classic digital and analogs sounds, old-school musicianship, modern production and DJ’ing skills, all put together into a live band.

The album starts with “The Cockroaches’ Dance” in a subtle way that quickly transforms into a hard electronica beat filled with drum n’ bass, harsh low synths, regurgitating risers and manic arpeggios; all blend together to fit Nancy’s challenging voice.

Track two, “The Meekness Of Happy” cools down the tempers with a danceable ethereal vibe, it also features a music video filmed in Rome by Italian artist Mr.Renzoff.

“Lonely Ghost-self” kicks in the aggression with low male vocals, heavy drums and increasingly high alien-like sounds. “Collodi’s Son” amps up the attitude with fast-paced up-beat notes. A mixture of digital ethereal dimensions and harsh backlashing in the background.

“Little Miss Numb” is a techno track infused with sweet melting vocals, danceable dynamics and warping transitions. Overdriven guitars and bass will overflow your heartbeat. “Will You Be Scared” speaks ominously through a wall of sound of wailing synths and driving bass. Feel the pump, taste the sweat.

“Can’t Wait” features a refined sound design of percussive elements, rhythmically chanting for the low piano notes to arrive. Howling and quivering sounds evolve through Nancy’s huge vocal display. “Brave Old World” throws in the political, the environmental issues, and the personal conflicts found in us all.

Last but not least, “Make Me Come True” cranks up the trip-hop vibes, the somber melodies and the feedbacking frequencies, a last hurra for our long-night journey…

NKOS describe their sound as ‘multifaceted, it easily goes from dark to light’ whilst ‘dense, trippy, and kaleidoscopic simultaneously is the verdict of Aupium. Mixing the mood and feel of 1980’s Cocteau Twins, The Cure and Siouxsie with 90’s trip-hop and right now know-how, NKOS have delivered the perfect soundtrack for our dystopian present.

“From Dust To Life” was mastered by the skillful hand of Maurizio Baggio (Boy Harsher and The Soft Moon) and additional production on 3 tracks by Jagz Kooner (Massive Attack, Primal Scream, Manic Street Preachers, Rammstein, Ladytron).

We congratulate NKOS for such a great album and such a great sound. The future is now, and it needs talented artists such as them. So stop reading and go straight ahead for that Play button.

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