Fube “Lemon Tea”

Have you ever felt alone and your dreams badly judged by others? Perhaps it offers some solace to say that you’re not alone. However, I am quite certain a song will do that much better than a few words, and there’s a fitting new single out that’s based on exactly those feelings. So I’m offering a song instead – read on to learn more about your potential new friend of a song, and the artist who wrote it!

The artist in question is Fube, a Toronto-based young producer and singer-songwriter running an own blend of hiphop with atmospheric instrumentation and genre-bending sound. Having found love in music in his teenagehood and inspired by artists such as BROCKHAMPTON, Joji, Mac Miller and Eminem, Fube went on to carve his own unique musical voice. The result sees his inspirations meet the emotional and relevant lyricism laced with humor, topped with the artist’s soft sweet vocals. Never too serious and always looking into putting a spark of optimism and amusement into his songs, Fube’s music is easygoing, vibeful and doing a wonderful job putting a smile on the listener’s face.

“I would say that my music is full of surprise. I don’t like to be restricted by a fixed genre or a style. I like to be well-rounded and incorporate elements from many different genres, including pop, rock, R&B, trap and rap. You will always find something that fits your taste, and you will see how versatile I am as an artist. My songs are also very relatable as I like to draw on personal experience. I always incorporate dark humour and sarcasm in my lyrics and it might make you chuckle when you hear it.”

Today, the producer has a new song ready for the listeners. Titled “Lemon Tea”, the song opens a door to the artist’s personal feelings and experience related to individuality and the judgement of others. His lyrics manage to be both bittersweet and yet smiling, which feels like a huge boost of hope that everything will be fine despite how awful and confusing life currently seems to be. And that’s intended – Fube’s message to the listener is that the judgement of others don’t matter in the end.

“This track is about my journey of self-discovery, finding out who I am, what I want and what I love. It’s about how I went from an insecure teenager who tried very hard to fit in to finally learning to accept my individuality and appreciate what makes me different. As I sing in my song “anomaly, insanity, be my best friends”, I am embracing my uniqueness which to some other people, may be perceived as insane or weird, and I hope everyone can do the same, especially for those artists out there – don’t let those negative voices stop you, you don’t have to be like everyone else!”

The song, warm and full of positivity feels like a hug from a good friend cracking jokes to make you smile even through tears. In this world where social distancing is the norm, this is the most welcome kind of sound. Join the artist on his journey to fulfilling his dreams!

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