Top 10 No. 3 Top 100 Songs 2021 HYOOMAN – HALF BRAIN


The Sound Of Summer! – Hyooman’s debut is a joyous, catchy preface.

This is Minneapolis band Hyooman’s first foray into the swamp of the alternative rock scene. ‘Half Brain‘ is a chiming and chugging 3 minute slice of melodic pop-rock that hooks the listener very quickly – right from the intro. actually. The song is summery, beachy… sandy – the vibes are light and airy and the lyrics are humorous, perhaps even sardonic. “It’s okay, I wouldn’t understand it anyway” is the take-away, memorable line from the song.

Hyooman want to greet you with a light and warm smile

This single sounds a little bit like something you’d find on an album by The Raveonettes, Built To Spill, Grandaddy and/or Beach House. Male and female voices harmonize and blend wonderfully – and subtle as it is – they complement each other very well.

The band sound very tight and they also sound like they had great fun making this single. It’s hard to believe that this is a debut single, truth-be-told – the musicianship here is accomplished and pristine. Hyooman are a band with great potential – that becomes quickly apparent after just a few streams of this song. I am assured that ‘Half-Brain’ will be a standalone single – so we wait for an EP or album now and it will be very interesting to see where Hyooman go next and what they do next.

Don’t expect highly complex music! Right now, we’re interested in melody and capturing a mood

“Unassuming and quirky ……. like licorice-flavored ice cream!”

The single was recorded, engineered, and mixed by drummer McCoy Seitz at Casino Time Recording Studio in Minneapolis, MN. It was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering in Portland, OR.

Not wanting to sound overly processed and clean, Hyooman avoided the pursuit of technical precision and embraced looseness and mistakes. “We want to sound like a band; the song should sound and feel like humans are playing the instruments.”

Hyooman ……. Leng Moua (songwriter, vocals, guitar), McCoy Seitz (drums, vocals),
Tamara Alswager (guitar, vocals), Elise Bremer (keys, vocals) and Dillon Marchus (bass)

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