Mourning Routine “Theme Parks”

Gather around for another introduction on this lovely Friday. This time it’s an exciting new rock song from a promising young artist. This vibeful song is sure to become a favourite, especially when you love a good post punk tune!

Mourning Routine is the solo project of a young musician Lucas Kamal. Originally from Orlando, he’s currently a college student in Worcester, MA. Much like the artist himself, his music has been growing up and reflecting the artist’s inner world through his personal sonic prism of alternative rock. His childhood home was full of classic rock such as the Cure, the Clash and Talking Heads, and his discoveries run across genres of post-punk, lo-fi and indie. All that has inspired his own sound considerably resulting in charming, flowing and emotional songs, the kind of sound you can feel the spirit pouring.

“If this is your first time listening to Mourning Routine and don’t quite know what to expect- don’t fret! Kamal’s driving basslines, covered in layers of spacey arpeggiated guitars and synths call back to the days of 80’s new wave, while his distorted, crooning vocals pull heavy from early 2000’s post punk acts like The Strokes and Interpol.”

The project has released two singles and more recently, a debut EP full of fresh tunes ran by the adolescent passion. But as the artist himself grows, he felt the sound represented on the EP no longer matched who he was anymore. As a result, his motivation to keep writing music dissipated. With pandemic and resulting poor mental health added into the mix, the artist often ended up asking himself: “Is it worth trying to make music anymore?
Despite all this, he didn’t give in.

His new single dropping today is a solid emotive blast that wipes away all that’s dark. The artist has won the battle with himself, and the sound reflects that perfectly, running with an awe-inspiring soaring passion, feeling like being on a ride in a theme park, or gliding on a very long zipline in an adventure park. You can feel the wind in your face with this song!

Aptly named “Theme Parks“, this is a song based an all of these feelings and struggles he’d been facing, the answer to his inner questions and searches for the sound he could call truly his own. The path to writing this song has been bumpy, as Kamal explains:

“Funny enough, “Theme Parks” wouldn’t have been written if it wasn’t for TikTok. The original inspiration for the lyrics came from the countless videos of artists promoting their music on the platform and seemingly blowing up overnight. Lucas often thought to himself “why can’t that be me?” And frustration often occurred when he began comparing himself to others. He also met his producer, Max Colbert, through TikTok.”

“Theme Parks” marks the end of the artist’s teenage years, turning into a perfect pilot song for his future endeavors, hopefully many more songs to come. The sound of Mourning Routine is awesome and in all ways captivating. There’s no doubt his music is going to reach new heights, so follow this project and become part of his journey!

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