TV GENERATION – “DCxpc live vol. 2 presents tv generation and the sinema”

Punk with a cause! DCxPC LIVE is back again! This time with the sweaty, greasy punk attitude from TV Generation and The Sinema! This is their second release, and a benefit for Uncle Lou’s: Orlando’s CBGBs and best DIY venue in Florida. All money goes to support Uncle Lou’s!

In case you didn’t know, DCxPC Live is a label that releases only live vinyl of punk, hardcore, ska and metal bands. This release was recorded as a Loustream. It features three songs from TV Generation and an additional song by The Sinema.

TV generation has been around since 2006-2008. Its integrants include members from various other Orlando bands such as The Jodones, Sudakas, Pop Suicide, Urban Disturbance, Swift Knuckle Solution, and Rushmore, FL. The have been called a staple of the Orlando scene who draw influences from 1980s southern California bands such as D.I.; old CBGBs style punk bands such as The Ramones and the Dead Boys, British hardcore like G.B.H., and oi bands like Last Resort, not to mention that they all love Bad Religion.

This fine gentlemen like their music aggressive and raw, and they’re all filled with sense of humor. When asked about their influences, they gave responses such as Locomia, Celine Dion, Cannibal Corpse and jimmy Swaggart, Ministries (Elvis gospel) “not the country crap”, NSNYC, Kenny G, Nickelback and Blue Man Group.

The EP features TV Generation’s infamous songs “Uncle Lou’s (Live)” – “This song is a tribute to Orlando’s CBGB’s Uncle Lou’s LMGA“, “Drinkin’ About My Baby” – “A cover of one of our favorite bands and original punk icons“, and “Vatos Locos” – “A shout out to all of our great friends and memories playing in Orlando punk bands throughout the years – CHEAP TIMES!

Loud, aggressive turbulence. Just the way I love it! I already feel the need of a cold beer in my hand and the screeching frequencies of a broken PA in my ears while everyone slams into each other. Fun times!

The final song, “RAID” is from The Sinema, a four piece metal band influenced by Dance Gavin Dance, System of a Down and The Refused that puts the emphasis on theatrics with a mix of hardcore, punk, metalcore and numetal. These guys were formed in 2018 and are already a cornerstone of the Orlando metal scene and were voted Best Metal Act of 2020 by readers of the Orlando Weekly. Horns up!

“RAID” says “Fuck the Alt Right”, as The Sinema desires to promote diversity, inclusion and equaity in the music scene. And they aren’t just words, their singer Josh Sin recently founded Brewtal Book which only does benefit shows, and their first show this June is a benefit for the One Pulse Foundation to support victims of the brutal massacre with support from Orlando’s LGBTQ Community Center and Latinix!

ALL sales go to Uncle Lou’s, so get busy, and get buying! Punks Not Dead, It’s Live on Vinyl!

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