Lara de Belder “Turn It Over”

An attraction, burning with a dizzying bright flame. A whirlpool of emotions dancing around, an overboiling amount of chemical devotion. And then the next day this person acts as if you don’t exist. That’s one of the most intense mess of feelings one could think of. Today I’m going to introduce an exciting new artist who has taken all of these feelings and packaged them into what has become her debut song. And the result is quite a masterpiece, so read on to learn more!

This fresh artist is Lara de Belder, a singer-songwriter based in London. Originally from North Yorkshire, she found her passion in musical theatres and a wide variety of genres. Her love for musical theatre also pushed her into graduating the Musical Theatre course in the Royal Academy of Music, and she has been working as a performer and creative person ever since. Being involved in many projects and bands, she grew interest in writing her own material, but at the time, she didn’t have enough energy or self-belief as a solo artist for that. That is, until the pandemic happened which put all live entertainment on hold.

The sudden arrival of huge amount of free time meant she could finally go explore the world of original writing. And as she connected with Joe Rodwell, producer and multi-instrumentalist, their collaborative efforts turned into the first song for the artist, now released as a jazzy pop debut single called “Turn It Over“.

Burst of energy and feel-good vibes fly out of the speakers as soon as the song starts playing. Her smooth-as-satin vocals enamore the listeners as the song spirals at a head-spinning speed up towards the sky and into the dance hall full of funky beats partying with the sparkling brass. And in that sense, this song does take us into a specific place in most vivid colors, letting us in to learn from the artist’s personal experience with attractions, desire and obsessions:

“Turn It Over draws from several streams of inspiration, but I’d say the main one is an experience I went through around the time I was at university.
I met this girl who I found so confusing as she would be really hot and cold with me. We seemed to have an instant chemistry and connection, or that was at least my sense, and I found that she would come on to me really strong whenever I saw her on a night out, but then come the next day she would avoid me completely and act like I didn’t exist, it was so strange.
It went on for a good few years as I never got closure from it during that period even though I did try to confront her, and I found myself in my naivety and confusion becoming pretty obsessed on and off over that time. I even thought I was in love, and the way she would look at me on these occasional nights, I felt like I was going crazy at times because surely she felt something too, otherwise why would she look at me like that, come on to me and even say the things she said?”

“In the end, not only was I being affected by it, but it also ended up having a huge impact on a relationship I was in later on with someone else. It was an important life lesson. I know in myself I can feel very strong connections to people sometimes, that kind of deep, soulmate feeling, whether it be a friend or more, but it was a learning about my own self-esteem or rather a lacking of at the time. I got to understand more about myself and learnt about boundaries and respecting others. I also know now that I am not in control of what others feel or their actions, but I am the master of myself and I too am worthy of respect.”

“Turn It Over” is also the first song from her upcoming album release. The idea of an album started taking shape during the time this debut single was written, and carried on to become a full-fledged concept release exploring the theme of a relationship going downhill. As as she explains, this album will have many flavours interweaving:

“Turn It Over has a Mark Ronson-esque upbeat pop style with influences of jazz, funk, blues, RnB and dance styles. A producer friend even recently said ‘vocal jazz meets 80s hip-hop/Madonna vibes’!
I’ll be carrying these flavours into what will be an eventual album exploring the different themes in the breakdown of a relationship, with additional layers scattered throughout of indie, hip-hop, EDM, folk and even a cappella styles.”

Lara de Belder invites you all to join in to experience her musical universe which is surely going to be a wonderful journey!

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