DEBUT SINGLE RELEASED – Saturday 22nd May 2021

Earnest, honest and touching – Oroco’s debut is poignant and salient.

A cinematic exploration of heartbreaking loss and hope

On a songwriting trip to Rome, Paul McKeever, the man behind Oroco, stumbled upon a magazine article about a British man who had been jailed in UAE. Accused of being gay and with the possibility of a death penalty, there was a campaign led by the UK government for his release. This struck Oroco, overwhelmed by how much injustice and cruelty still controls human rights even in the present day. Reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement, Women’s rights, LGBT+ activism and surrounding sufferings, Oroco encompassed these issues in the best way he knew how – through music.

Oroco was 12 years old when he first started to write songs – he later played in various local bands in Northern Ireland.

A shivering, elegant piano creates an emotive backdrop throughout ‘Enough’ and on top of it, Oroco’s vocal delivery is detectably sincere and full of conviction. This is a subtle song that demands your attention right from the start. Clearly tackling a topic that is very close to his heart, Oroco exhorts us to “sit up and shout out enough”. The fear of not being able to show your true self is something that so many people struggle with. In a society that constantly creates rules for us, often contrary to our own morals, principles and true feelings – we need more voices that speak for the good souls, the minority who seem to really care. A change, a movement… it has to come from somewhere – from the smallest of seeds can grow the mightiest of trees.

Oroco has a voice, a very good one – and he also has important things to say. This is a guy with a real proficiency for expressing himself and he is also happy to state that piano-led ballads are his preferred medium for releasing his thoughts and feelings. His music feels very cathartic – it clearly is for Oroco – but crucially, it also feels that way to the listener. This is a song for the thinkers, the pensive – but the production, gloss and overall feel of the song make it feel like a song that will eventually reach a much wider audience. Oroco is planting his first seeds… and ‘Enough’ should grow to be a sequoia.

“Writing stories and experiences about love, longing and hope comes naturally to me”

Prior to this release, Oroco (Paul McKeever) had a career that focused on producing music for the media. He has previously written songs for TV shows and online platforms, including Love is Blind (Netflix), The Voice UK (BBC), Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast (Channel 4), Neighbours and Home & Away (Channel 5). But he recently felt that it was time for a change, and so Oroco was born.

Oroco inspired by the likes of Tom Odell, Lewis Capaldi and Rag’N’Bone Man and he is captivated by ballads and acoustic pop music. Paul also found that writing stories and experiences about love, longing and hope came very naturally to him. ‘Enough’ is his first commercial release as Oroco and it feels to him like an important place to begin. It is the first piece of the puzzle, with future releases to come throughout 2021. Oroco also plans to acknowledge the talents of other songwriters through cover songs too – but with his own personal twist.

Paul McKeever, the man behind Oroco

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