Blueprint Tokyo – “Panic Carefully”

A powerful comeback from Oklahoma musicians Kevin Dawson and Andy Hale. A new band with a brand new single, the very first step for this duo to get back on track after a tough season. Blueprint Tokyo presents: Panic Carefully.

Kevin and Andy were on the road for years as professional musicians before they returned home. On being on the brink of being full-time musicians, Kevin was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN). A degenerative bone disease that required a full hips replacement.

“Kevin and myself (Andy) got into music after high school. We were in different bands and after each of our bands ended we randomly found each other and discovered we really worked well together. We were in a band for a long time that started having success on radio and MTV (mid 2000s when it still had music-related stuff) and nationwide touring. But right as we were putting out a new record Kevin was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease.” – Andy Hale.

Thanks to charities, personal debt and benefits, Kevin was eventually treated. Not without a long struggle of therapy and getting healthy. His former bandmates thought it best to lay low and not replace Andy, for without him the band’s sound just wasn’t the same. Now, with a new lease on life and new songs in hand, the band is ready to get back on full effect.

“We started this new band as a way of hitting the reset button. We felt like being able to start from scratch without needing to rely on our past catalog or sound was really exciting.

Blueprint Tokyo sounds big, anthemic and a bit heroic. Rock mixed with a hint of electronica and just a tad of drum and bass, “Panic Carefully” is a representation of what resilience feels like. Big, crunchy guitars, aggressive drums and stuttering synths create a harmonious landscape for the vocals to strive.

“I (Andy) wanted to take some sounds and textures and meld them with other musical vocabulary that I love like some post-rock ambiance of Explosions in the Sky, Appleseed Cast or even bands like The Silversun Pickups and Muse.

Interestingly composed, the single catches the listener fast with well arranged layers, energetic pre-choruses and explosive contrasts. A brilliant delivery of musicianship reinforced by the positive outcomes of recovery and new beginnings.

“Panic Carefully came from the anxious feelings that we both were having about everything going on. The loss of innocence, family getting sick, friends coming back (or not) from Afghanistan, elements of guilt, and the edicts that lead to so many of these type of feelings.

Despite the darkness, Kevin and Andy are surprisingly light and have an offbeat humor. They find catharsis in music for all their feelings and emotions.

The bands we love are all over the place. We take inspiration as much from The Beatles as we do bands like 1975.

So far we only have this single from Blueprint Tokyo, but I have a hunch we’ll be hearing again from them very soon. We wish Kevin and Andy good speed, a fast recovery and a swift reconstruction of selves.

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