Fonzy & Company – “Beyond My CONTROL”

A modern day Fleetwood Mac!” – BBC Bristol. An Alternative Rock / Americana Outfit from Bristol, UK? Well that’s interesting! Fonzy & Company may as well be your new favorite punk rock group after you listen to their new single, “Beyond My Control“. For fans of Weezer, Green Day, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

A collective of experienced musicians from all over the UK and New Zealand“. These five guys are rocking out with a mean spirit. Fonzy Armour, Olivia Jury, Jed Long, Sam Bennett, and Lauren Paddison have mostly known each other and played in Bristol’s music scene for over 10 years. Even though F&C are a relatively new band, all of its integrants are no strangers to gigs and shows.

“Beyond My Control” is an interesting and upbeat song that covers the observation of modern ideas. Written by Fonzy Armour, the artist says that: “With the day and age of social media being such a strong presence in our lives, we have the power of opinion without having almost any comprehension on how it affects the people around us.” A critique to the new world’s point of views and morals, the realization that adapting is essential but never forgetting your roots and the best parts of you, even if it clashes with modern ideals.

The single is big, abrasive and fun. Fonzy’s lyricism and punk rock delivery is full of powerful insights and strong energy. The band as a whole feels pretty solid and you can hear the experience each member has. As best friends, they see playing together as a blessing and a reason for them to get out of bed.

“Fonzy sings in an american accent and always has done. It got so forced that when it came to record Olivia Jury (Vocals) we had to go back through the lyrics to double check as even Fonzy struggled to make out what he was saying on the playback.

Fonzy & Co. have already been played in over 800+ radio shows all over the world since their first EP “Last Birth”, and booked in some mayor festivals like Glastonbury Calling, Somerstock and One in New Zealand.

These guys, will be big if they choose to do so” – Invicta Magazine.

“Beyond My Control” was produced by Mark Hanlon and Mastered by Glasstone Record.

The track is an analysis from personal experience of knowing the quality of politeness, logic and chivalry and where it is now. It feels like whilst it seems the message is clear most people want peace, tolerance and understanding, upon pursuing this – it has almost caused the complete opposite effect.[…] (The song) is asking where the middle ground went. A melancholy song with less anger, more directing yourself to a place where you find yourself wondering.” – Fonzy.

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