Fertility House “Wishing”

A breakup. Friends spending time with you, which distracts from the pain, but after a while, they move on to other things. You, still needing support, know they’re no longer interested in hearing about the breakup. This is a really unhappy place to be, but fortunately there is one thing that will never leave you behind – music. And with this in mind, I’m glad to introduce a new healer of an understanding song, written to be uplifting!

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This Austin-based band is Fertility House, a group of four people who joined forces to create a memorable blend of indie garage sound. The band came to be when Shaun Snyder, the lead vocalist of the group put demos up in Craigslist, looking for people interested in working on the project. Soon, guitar-player Dan Magorrian joined along with drummer Daniel Reza and bassist Nick Christian. Inspirations are pulled from alternative music scene and artists such as Weezer, Glass Animals and many more. Add a spark of latin music and their music is naturally born for stages – the guitar played so skillfully it flows and vibes together with the warm vocals and pleasant beat form an unmistakably summery sound. Even when the lyrical themes are on the darker side, as the artist explains:

“What people can expect from our music: despite the grave lyrical content, we try to wrap most of our stuff in an upbeat shell that sounds unique yet somehow familiar.”

The band is back with their newest single, a wistful yet rocking tune called “Wishing“. Written based on Shaun’s recent romantic relationship which didn’t go well, this song brings us to the time immediately following the breakup, with friends and family surrounding you in full support. But as the song carries on, they go on to continue with their own lives and you’re alone once again, pondering on top of this mess of feelings that are nowhere close to understandable. “They’ve gone back to their lives and I’m still here”, he sings with yearning, looking at the sky and still feeling heavy.

“My fiancé and I separated in November of 2019. My best friend came down to Austin, TX from Indianapolis, IN to be there for me over the weekend, and at the same time, some other friends were in town. It was a great weekend and helped distract me. The following weekend the bass player Nick had several friends visiting, and I spent the weekend with them having fun. The following weekend, another long time friend came to visit. This all served as a welcomed distraction , but after that third weekend, everyone went back to their lives, and I was just very alone. Spent a lot of time reflecting on that and also the cyclical flow of relationships, and how were taught our whole lives to find that special someone, and we put too much around that goal, so when things don’t work out, we’re sometimes devastated because we have an unhealthy societal view on romantic partnerships.”

This song also announces the band’s new album, which unravels the journey of a relationship and it’s downfall. Titled “Dust”, it will be a three-part story – the sweet sensations of being in love, followed by the breakup with all of its aggressively intense feelings drowning you and ultimately, the time when you’re slowly getting back up on your feet, able to look onwards.

“Wishing” is a sparkful must-hear tune for anyone who is in a relationship or recovering from a breakup. If you know anyone who is struggling from such feelings, send this song to them – nothing beats a kind word and a relatable song!

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