C-Beem “Sweet Song”

We’re glad to announce that Leicester, United Kingdom-based post-punk/indie pop artist C-Beem has released a new single, entitled “Sweet Song.”

Following the release of his 2020 debut album, Little Jet Angel, C-Beem has been gathering tracks for his second album, Neon Gods, with well-received singles “Tumbleweed in Tinseltown,” ”Ed Straker Future,” “Angel Hill,” and “Tin Foil Hat” paving the way; and “Sweet Song” is the latest single released from this upcoming album.

C-Beem’s music has been featured on the BBC R6 Tom Robinson Mixtape, Radio Northwich FM (where his music was selected twice as “Single of the week”), Exile Radio FM, The Casimir Engine, Golden Believers, Trust the Doc TV, Outcast Studios, and Rock At Night magazine, among others.

Describing his ethos behind creating music, Chris (C-Beem) writes, “Commentators have often said my synth-orientated music isn’t like anything else out there, so I will do my best to keep that going. You have to be yourself to make good music. Don’t set out to please some imaginary reviewer or imaginary listener. Please yourself first!

And regarding the inspiration behind his newest single, Chris says, “‘Sweet Song’ came about as a general observation of how people desire such good things in their own lives, and yet the world is still so full of twisted agendas and complexities. How can we nurture our lives, for now and for the future, with so many negative things happening around us – because we don’t seem to desire the same truths for the wider world as we do for ourselves?

C-Beem has released a great music video for  “Sweet Song,” in which our panda video friend, The Monochrome Marine Conductor, takes us on a Beatles-esque, psychedelic (monodelic?) undersea journey; and you can check it out here:

About the imaginative music video for “Sweet Song,” Chris writes, “The video for the track was inspired by a small panda ornament in my kitchen, combined with my intention to make a psychedelic, Beatles Yellow Submarine style animation. Pandas are black and white, so I wondered how to involve this panda character in a psychedelic world. The answer was to make a kind of ‘monodelic’ world … psychedelia but in black and white, taking place through a magical journey beneath the waves. Then there’s the merging of a 60s Beatles sensibility with the more angular techtronics of bands like Kraftwerk ( Sharkwerk! ) I think it makes for something quite freaky, and people are responding very well to it.

“Sweet Song” begins with a bright, bubbling synth melody, setting a cheery mood for the track, and the drums soon join in to initiate a shuffling groove. Another synth then enters the track along with the vocals and bass, harmonizing quite nicely with the initial synth melody; and as the thoughtful lyrical passages begin, an acoustic guitar strums in the background along with washes of synths, sustaining a contemplative, dreamlike feeling. The instruments and vocals all complement each other quite nicely throughout “Sweet Song,” and the result is a texturally eclectic and highly unique sound, which showcases C-Beem’s brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship.

“Sweet Song” is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would definitely recommend this track to fans of post-punk and indie pop alike.

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