Roselien “Not My Fantasy”

We’re all pretty aware of how society perceives or wants us to see women in general – how they are weaker, lesser, don’t really have the right to say anything, looked down upon. How women should just stay at home, or how they aren’t fit for the job because it’s a “man’s job,” and you know the rest. It’s 2021, and in recent years, women have been fighting hard for their rights, for their voices to be heard and for their place in society and have been successful at it. Being a woman in a tough industry that is maninly dominated by men, I believe there is no other way I would rather introduce this track to you all by emphasising what it is like to be a strong, empowered and independent woman – be it in a small or huge way.


In the music industry (just like any other), I assume that artists usually work with a team of both men and women to successfully come up with something great. But in this case, Roselien’s first single in 2021 entitled Not My Fantasy exemplifies that amazing work can be solely executed by a woman.

“For first-time listeners, I would say they’re going to love I’m straightforward and no-nonsense when it comes to my lyrics and always looking for a groove that works. The story behind the track is basically a dysfunctional relationship I was fed up with. I’m realising it’s not me imagining things, I’m actually being treated disrespectfully and I am no longer taking it.”

Roselien on her latest single Not My Fantasy

This track was personally written, performed and produced by Roselien herself – specifically stating that she is done, or rather “no longer taking shit from any men,” and that right there is something simple, yet sends out a strong message. You see, most often than not, what men can do, women can do, too. Never underestimate what a woman is capable of.


Familiarising herself with the ins and outs of music production and further honing her skills as a musician, beat programmer and singer, over the course of a few years, she has opened for well-known artists like Meshell Ndegeocello, Gregory Porter, The Jones Girls, Bilal and Gabriel Garzon Montano. She has also has taken her mesmerizing live shows to The Jazz Cafe, Rich Mix, LayLow, Kansas Smitty’s, The Lexington and Piano Smithfield’s as well as venues in Brussels such as Ancienne Belgique, Le Botanique, Reflektor in Liège and Rotterdam venues Bird and Lantarenvenster. Since then, has paved her way and crafted a signature to her music.

Not My Fantasy by Roselien is an easy-going and smooth song with a combination of beats of funk, R&B, groove and jazz, backed with soul soothing vocals and words packed with a deep and meaningful message. With a J3XP synthesiser on top of a DX7 bass line, she adds fire to Not My Fantasy by dropping a line saying “I am no longer dealing with your bad behaviour and please don’t tell me that it’s all in my head,” which is typical in messy relationships. Having listened to this several times, I thought to myself that there are so many songs written about heartbreak and failed relationships and it solely revoles around it. So it’s quite nice to hear a song about that BUT with emotions and words fully expressing how she’s really just about done and not having it anymore.


I swear, this track is so good and catchy that I’m pretty sure you’re going to like and add it to one of your playlists before the song even comes to an end. So let’s get to the best part of this article: the actual song 😉

Not My Fantasy by Roselien

Roselien’s previous single Loving was premiered by Erica McKoy on Worldwide FM and remixed by Kaidi Tatham (once dubbed “the UK’s Herbie Hancock”).

Not My Fantasy, the first single from Roselien’s upcoming EP “Seventh Ascension” is now available on all digital platforms.

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