Tarn PK “Cheap Ecstasy”

Tarn PK finishes the releases of the Monarch EP/collection  Cheap Ecstasy, creating and sharing his own version of something he thought he’d never do: a cheesy love song. 

Following the release of his other single, Indigo Dreaming, which was covered by Less Than 1,000 Followers on that very same day, this unpredictable and versatile artist has come to give his listeners the last part of his much awaited collection. Taking a more minimalistic approach, the song is an adequate ending to the single releases as it sways its audience into a comforting embrace akin to that of a loved one.

Twenty years of age and already releasing his second EP since the beginning of his career in 2018, Tarn PK is a singer-songwriter who aims to blend pop, RnB, funk and electronic music to create an even more diverse sound that is appealing to audiences of all the aforementioned genres, and he adds his own production flair to make everything musically interesting and seamlessly connected. 

The young male artist from New Zealand went through a period of art block, during which he felt the electronic and more modern sounds he was surrounded by were something he and his music didn’t fit in. Now, after coming in contact with some of  70’s best songwriters, Tarn PK has begun to move in a new direction with a soundfits his mind and soul unlike anything he’s ever done before. 

His latest project, the EP Monarch, is a direct result of the worldwide lockdown and the effect it had on individuality and human interaction. 

For Tarn PK, the need to step back and take a breath to not get caught up in the quick pace of the previous daily life was a necessity, and although it came to him due an unfortunate event, the best one can make out of this situation was to become more in tune with themselves and their passions; this is how Monach reflects Tarn’s life after he was forced to go in slowmo. 

Counting with three previous releases belonging to the collection, Cheap Ecstasy is a slightly more different approach; the artist considers this track to the most pop and RnB influenced out of all the songs in the EP, and it certainly contains less of an acoustic vibe to it even when it’s not too different from the previous singles. 

About the track, Tarn said: “The day I wrote Cheap Ecstasy I was in a rush to go to a concert, but I’d got this idea so I quickly wrote and recorded the track in the 20 minutes before I had to go. It started on the acoustic guitar and I did one take of the vocals over it, the melodies of that first take were the ones that ended up staying on the track. It was one of those songwriting times where it was all I could think about for the rest of the day. After the fact I went in circles changing lyrics, adding bridges, and instrument parts, but I eventually realised I just needed to keep it simple and stick with the original idea.”

Cheap Ecstasy is a great example of a song being at its finest when it’s in its most simple state. The bareness of the instrumentals and the softness of the vocals, which once again are those from the first take, add an air of purity and tranquility that is harder to achieve with more produced and musically complex instrumentals. In place of the many elements that one might find in today’s hits, this song prefers to add airy, whimsical and delicate sounds that add to the romantic aspect of the lyrics. 

In a way, the song Cheap Ecstasy is the embodiment of that same feeling Tarn describes in its lyrics. The heart of the song is a young man and his guitar, and his desire to be loved is as honest as the way in which he composes and writes. 

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